We invite you to ERGON Centre for Staff Improvement for courses on goods and construction cranes. We have several years of experience in providing this type of training in the industry - and we are distinguished by our affordable prices. price and a high pass rate in examinations at the Office of Technical Inspection. Everyone who would like to work as a crane operator is encouraged to get acquainted with our offer! In our centre you can choose between two types of courses - a course for a mobile crane and a stationary course for a construction or goods lift. Depending on the type of course chosen, a future crane operator will receive the relevant qualification for cranes - without it, according to the law, one cannot work in this position. In order to do this, it is necessary to take and pass a state examination conducted by the Office of Technical Inspection. Choosing a crane course with us, you can obtain the licence already at the first attempt, and you will also be satisfied with our price - we constantly ensure that it is as competitive as possible while maintaining the highest quality of education.

The crane course is divided into the following categories:

  • II D - this entitles the holder to operate construction equipment for goods or for goods and persons
  • I D - it entitles to operate cargo and hospital equipment

Each crane course conducted in our Personnel Development Centre is carefully elaborated in terms of its theoretical content and practice. Together they constitute an effective foundation which should be known by every crane operator. Our course allows you to easily pass the exam of the Office of Technical Inspection (the price of the exam is given on the UDT website). We remind you that the crane licence is valid indefinitely both in Poland and abroad. Choosing our offer is a very good investment in your career!

Requirements for undertaking the study and obtaining the qualification:

  • at least 18 years old
  • at least a basic education
  • a doctor's certificate stating that there are no contraindications to exercising the occupation of operator

Our advantage is the detailed preparation of issues based on the UDT examination requirements. That is why we prepare for exams so effectively and the pass rate in our centre is always at a high level. The course for crane operators covers the following subjects:

  • information on the operation of equipment and related technical supervision rules
  • basic information, including construction and breakdown of equipment
  • responsibilities as an equipment operator
  • information on health and safety in the workplace
  • practical classes

The course is supervised by experienced instructors with many years of experience in their profession. They will provide you with all the theoretical information and then participate in the practical training.

In our centre you can choose a crane operator course as open - it is available for everyone, as well as closed - it is intended for groups. As far as closed courses are concerned, their subject matter can be freely modified according to the customer's wishes concerning the specificity of the positions occupied by the employees. Our employees are always available to help and will select the most optimal solutions to your needs. In this case the price may differ from standard trainings - we provide additional discounts, so please contact us to obtain a quote. The standard classes are conducted in our centre in Warsaw, but on request we are able to travel to practically any place in Poland to conduct them.