Spider-type mobile platforms - equipment for work at heights, suitable for all terrainsThe training course for future mobile platform operators is designed to prepare you for the UDT (Office of Technical Inspection) exam, which confers professional licences. The course teaches theoretical and practical operation of these devices in accordance with the requirements of the Office. The range of topics and number of hours varies from group to group. This means that the courses are suitable for people with no experience who want to gain new qualifications, as well as those who just want to complete their knowledge before the exam.

Spiders - mobile lifting platforms

This type of platform, due to the characteristic shape of its base called "spider", is not suitable for independent movement. It is transported on trailers adapted for this purpose. According to the UDT categorization, "spiders" are classified as mobile platforms.

This method of transport is not a disadvantage of mobile platforms, but rather an advantage - they can be quickly moved from place to place on a construction site, in a warehouse or on a property. Mobile platforms are also very popular due to their small size and weight. They can be used both on the ground (including uneven ground, on soils with low bearing capacity) and inside buildings. They are suitable for densely built-up areas with difficult access.

These features, combined with a working height and reach comparable to that of larger platforms, make the "spider" mobile platforms applicable to many companies. They are used, for example, for building repairs and maintenance, roof repairs, snow removal, maintenance of greenery, pruning branches, lighting repairs. The lifting capacity of a "spider" basket allows usually one or two workers to be transported to work at height, depending on the parameters of a given model.

UDT authorisations - exam preparation training

On the basis of our many years of experience, we have prepared courses for people who want to prepare effectively for the UDT exam in order to pass it on the first try and to be able to work in this profession as soon as possible. During the classes we teach theory and practice, and the instructors put emphasis on active participation by asking questions, giving interesting examples, conducting knowledge tests to check their progress. Participants have the opportunity to practice using selected equipment and learn about its construction. We attach great importance to safety - we teach future operators how to operate the equipment properly and in line with health and safety rules, to minimise the risk of accidents at work.

After the training is completed, an examination is held on a date agreed with the UDT. The Centre organises and mediates with the Office. It registers for the exam on behalf of participants and sends reminders before the relevant date. After passing the exam, both the test with closed questions and the practical part - a conversation with an examiner at the device - the licence is granted. With a certificate for mobile platforms, you can work in Poland and in selected other countries.

Mobile platforms of the spider type - equipment subject to technical inspection, the operation of which requires a certificateMobile lifting platforms (spiders) operator course - why you should

  • During the training, participants acquire only the necessary knowledge that will be required for the exam. The course programme complies with the UDT requirements
  • Participation in the classes is a chance to gain qualifications for people with no experience - we also organise classes from scratch
  • From the very beginning, we carry out a needs diagnosis among the participants, asking about their experience and qualifications in order to optimally select the level of the training group
  • We also organise training courses for employees - their gaining of qualifications gives the company new possibilities of gaining orders or winning contracts in tenders
  • We offer remote learning (webinars) for those interested, and all participants can gain and consolidate knowledge by using the materials on our training platform
  • We cooperate with UDT branches throughout Poland, thanks to which we are able to plan the dates of the training courses in such a way as to enable the participants to take the external examination soon after their completion