Examples of equipment for which we organise courses and examinations.

Entitlements G1-G2-G3

HDS authorisations

Crane operator

Crane course

Signaller hooker

ODK Ergon Warsaw

Mountaineering course

ODK Ergon Warsaw

Other training

Training in the ERGON Centre

For several years in ERGON Centre for Staff Improvement We specialise in providing courses allowing you to obtain authorisations for various jobs. Among others, we provide electrical G1, thermal G2 and gas G3 training, with exams before committees such as: SEP (Association of Polish Electrical Engineers), PSE (Polish Electrical Installation Association), SIMP (Association of Polish Mechanical Engineers), SITPS or SITSpoż (Association of Food Industry Engineers and Technicians) and others appointed in Poland by the Energy Regulatory Office (ERO) in various groups - G-1 (electricity), G-2 (heat) and G3 (gases), training in occupational health and safety, fire safety, first aid and UDT (Office of Technical Inspection).

Our courses are aimed at people who wish to obtain authorisations to work in Poland and abroad. The courses provide students with a comprehensive theoretical basis and practice for taking examinations organised by licence awarding institutions. We co-operate on an on-going basis with many examination boards, such as: SEP, PSE, SIMP, SITPS and other industry institutions, as well as UDT (Office of Technical Inspection), therefore our syllabuses are always adjusted to the latest requirements. At the same time our classes are designed in such a way that passing the exam is not a problem for our students.

Our trainings are conducted in Warsaw in the seat of our Centre, as well as in other places according to the wishes of our clients. The training courses offered by our centre with examinations passed in front of commissions, at the trainee's choice: SEP, PSE, SIMP, SITPS and others prepare to take exams in front of commissions all over Poland - you can choose the commission before which you want to take the exam. Commissions are appointed by the Energy Regulatory Office (URE) - information about them can be found on the URE website. We run both open courses - available to everyone, as well as closed courses - for groups. Prices of the courses depend on the subject matter and number of participants - we offer attractive discounts for regular customers and larger groups. All classes are conducted by specialists with the appropriate theoretical preparation and many years of practice in the profession.

Our offer includes, among other things, training:

  • G1 to 1kV authorizations, including authorizations of many commissions, among others: SEP, PSE, SIMP, SITPS
  • HDS
  • as a crane operator
  • as a crane operator
  • as a hooker
  • and other types of training, which you can find on our website

You are cordially invited to make use of our services - At the ERGON Centre for Staff Improvement you will always receive expert support!