the operator of the roller during workDo you run a construction company and intend to train the facilities of construction machinery operators? Or maybe you want to raise your professional qualifications by gaining a license to operate machinery? In both cases, the best solution will be specialized training, thanks to which you will gain the necessary qualifications!

Our offer

As part of the training in the use of construction machinery, we offer the following training:

Type of courseThe scope of knowledge
road roller operator, class III
  1. operational use
  2. Technical Documentation
  3. Health and Safety
  4. basics of electrical engineering
  5. plumbing components
  6. construction of a road roller
  7. technology of works
  8. practical classes
operator of single-bucket excavators, class III, I
  1. General health and safety
  2. use and operation of working machines
  3. general construction and operation of excavators
  4. technology of works carried out with excavators -
backhoe loader operator
  1. General health and safety
  2. use and operation of working machines
  3. general construction and operation of backhoe loaders
  4. technology of works carried out with backhoe loaders
scaffold assembler
  1. construction and assembly scaffolding structures made of pipes and system scaffolds
  2. scaffolding assembly and disassembly technology
  3. Technical Documentation
  4. Health and Safety
  5. exercises in the field of assembly and disassembly of tubular, modular and frame scaffolding
  6. inspection of the technical condition of the scaffolding

excavator operator while working on a construction siteWho is the training on construction machinery intended for?

Many years of experience and qualified staff will comprehensively prepare you for work.

To participate in the training, you must meet two conditions: you must be at least 18 years of age and have a minimum basic education.

Our trainings are tailored to the most demanding needs of their participants. We especially invite people who want to:

  • supplement knowledge in the field of construction machinery
  • gain or raise qualifications in the profession of a construction machinery operator
  • get a new profession

Why is it worth choosing the ERGON company?

  • WE TEACH PRACTICE AND THEORY -We combine a large dose of knowledge with practical classes that will allow you to become scaffold fitterconstruction machinery operator.
  • WE TEACH THE OPERATION OF DEVICES OF DIFFERENT BRANDS - Join us. Make nothing surprising at work!
  • WE HAVE QUALIFIED TEACHING STAFF - Among the staff conducting the course you will find qualified operators of construction machinery.
  • WE ENABLE THE NECESSARY QUALIFICATIONS - Do not hesitate and take care of your future today!


Do you have any more questions?

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