At the ERGON Personnel Training Center, we have been conducting professional training for employees for various positions requiring qualifications for 15 years. We specialize primarily in G1, G2, G3 trainings and other trainings granting electrical qualifications, UDT, IP, OHS, fire protection and first aid. Our Center is made up of experienced instructors and lecturers with extensive knowledge and professional practice, many of whom work at universities.

The main purpose of our activity is to prepare students for exams conducted by the Office of Technical Inspection and other types of position exams conducted, among others, by the Polish Electrical Installation Association (PSE), Association of Polish Mechanical Engineers (SIMP), Association of Food Industry Engineers and Technicians (SITPS or SITSpoż) and others appointed by the Energy Regulatory Office (URE). In Poland, there are several hundred examination boards appointed by the ERO. Energy issues and the selection of equipment are also dealt with by the UDT, for example certifying RES installers. This is why all our training courses are thoroughly researched and include both theoretical knowledge, on which the exams are based, and practical experience, which builds or extends the trainees' skills in the efficient and safe operation of machines at different types of workplaces. We conduct our courses mainly in Warsaw, where we have our headquarters, but we are also able to travel to our customers throughout Poland.

The offer of our Center includes, among others, training granting electrical qualifications, including: G1 training. G2. G3 and other institutions appointed by the Energy Regulatory Office (ERO) - exams can be taken before committees all over the country, HDS training is intended to obtain qualifications to work as a hydraulic truck crane operator, training as a hook-handlerWe offer crane and crane operator qualifications as well as other UDT training courses. All our courses are realized on the basis of original programs which take into account UDT examination requirements. That is why we always prepare our students effectively and the pass rate for exams in our centre is high. At the same time we enjoy great trust and satisfaction among our students - as many as 98% of them would recommend us to others.

The ERGON Personnel Development Centre is registered under number 699/K/95 in the register of non-public schools and institutions of the capital city of Warsaw as a non-public educational institution conducting educational activity.

We encourage you to familiarise yourself with our full offer and invite you to take advantage of our services! We also offer courses on UDT authorisations and overhead travelling cranes and course for mobile lifts and ADR.

ERGON Personnel Development Centre Team

The information on this website does not constitute a commercial offer and has been compiled so that the trainee may be aware of the possibility of obtaining authorisations from different entities in Poland.