Prohibited activities for the crane operator

An overhead crane operator should have a licence from the Office of Technical Inspection (UDT), which is obtained after attending a training course and passing an examination. During his work, an overhead crane operator must remember to follow the rules of occupational health and safety and UDT, so that the work performed by him is safe and does not cause danger to himself or others.

When working, the crane operator is forbidden to:

  • perform duties with inoperative equipment or without a valid UDT decision authorising the equipment to work
  • work under the influence of alcohol, other intoxicating substances or drugs that may impair mental and physical performance
  • use slings that are not matched or damaged
  • maintain the crane mechanisms during operation
  • carry out repairs or adjustments to the entire machine or its components unauthorisedly
  • lift loads with people on them
  • lift loads in excess of the lifting capacity of the equipment
  • lift loads that are out of reach of the machine, including by pulling the load diagonally
  • lift welded, bolted, frozen or buried loads
  • carry loads over other persons and in the vicinity of workplaces
  • leave the load on the gripping device
  • use overload protection for load weighing
  • stop the tractor, trolley or bridge by hitting the safety end switches

By complying with these rules, a worker can reduce or completely eliminate the risk of accidents at work that pose a danger to life or health.

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