Boom lifts, scissor lifts - popular mobile platforms for work at heightsPeople who are planning to work abroad as mobile platform operators should prepare well for such a trip. One of the necessary steps is to obtain a certificate valid in the chosen country, because the Polish certificates issued by the UDT are not recognised everywhere.

The course provides the opportunity to obtain a certificate, which is a required document in the Netherlands, Great Britain, Denmark and Norway. During the course, participants learn about theoretical and practical aspects of constructing and operating aerial lifts, and take an exam at the end of the course.

Detailed information on the training

Theoretical classes are held in the premises of the Centre The course can also be completed online via e-learning. The practical part is carried out on our own manoeuvring ground.

The course syllabus, which covers such topics as safety regulations in the selected countries, construction of lifts, stability and strength, accident and breakdown management, is based on the MEWP ISO 18878 standard and follows the recommendations of OMHEC, which includes the Netherlands, Norway, Denmark and the UK. This allows those who have completed the training and passed the final exam to apply for work in these countries. The certificate is valid on land and at sea - and therefore also on drilling platforms in the Norwegian Sea.

The examination consists of a theoretical part followed by a practical part. Course participants who pass both parts receive a certificate that is valid for 5 years. It takes a few weeks to issue the certificate, until then they can use a provisional certificate.

The basic requirements for people who would like to participate in the course are: at least 18 years of age, no health contraindications to work on elevators and at least a basic education.

To sign up for a course or for further questions, you can contact us by phone or email.

Operating aerial work platforms (boom lifts) and scissor lifts requires a certificate in accordance with MEWP ISO 18878Work for elevator operators abroad

Boom lifts and scissor lifts are commonly used abroad for construction, renovation and other work - just as they are in Poland. People who obtain a certificate authorising them to work can seek employment in, among other places:

  • Construction companies
  • Companies involved in the maintenance, insulation and painting of facades
  • Companies specialising in the assembly of warehouses, factory halls
  • Companies installing and maintaining electrical installations, ventilation, air conditioning
  • Energy companies and other entities involved in city maintenance
  • Horticultural industry
  • Advertising industry - companies assembling large format advertising: billboards, banners, neon signs