In ERGON Centre of Staff Development we conduct courses G-1, G-2, G-3 Warsaw, as well as PSE, SIMP, SITPS and others, thanks to which one can obtain electrical licence G-1, heating licence G-2 and gas licence G-3 granted by Polish Electrical Installation Association (PSE), Association of Polish Mechanical Engineers (SIMP), Stowarzyszenie Inżynierów i Techników Przemysłu Spożywczego (SITPS or SITSpoż) and other commissions appointed by the Energy Regulatory Office (URE) - they operate all over Poland and the participant can choose the commission before which he wants to take the exam. Courses G-1, G-2, G-3, PSE, SIMP, SITPS and others are available in three variants depending on the type of equipment and installations at which work is to be carried out:

  • G-1 course - Electrical Engineering
  • G-2 course - heat
  • course G-3 - gases

The Association of Polish Electrical Engineers, from which the name "SEP training" is derived, is a non-governmental organisation which integrates the professional electrician community, as well as popularises and educates on electrical issues.

Polish Electrical Installation Association was established in 2007 on the initiative of the largest electrical installation companies operating in Poland.

The Association of Polish Mechanical Engineers and Technicians was founded in 1926 by Professor Henryk Mierzejewski. It brings together engineers and mechanical technicians of all specialisations, as well as representatives of related professions.

The Association of Food Industry Engineers and Technicians has been active since 1946 and focuses on the development of science and technology in the food industry.

These associations also have their own examination boards which conduct examinations on the basis of the Energy Law, thanks to which individuals who take them can obtain electrical construction licences.

The Ministry of Energy is currently being established to deal with energy issues. It focuses on the issues of energy policy and strategy, energy markets, alternative energy sources. In addition, the UDT deals with problems in this area as well as with the selection of equipment.

Pursuant to the provisions of the Energy Law, persons who deal with the installation of energy networks and the operation of equipment in this field must have electrical qualifications. The most commonly required licences are G-1 to 1 kV, which can also be obtained in our Centre by taking a course in G-1, G-2, G-3, PSE, SIMP, SITPS and others. After the course, the participant passes an exam - it is possible in the whole territory of Poland in commissions recognised by the ERO, and after obtaining a positive result he/she receives the licence.

Our centre organises training courses in electrical G-1, thermal G-2, gas G-3, PSE, SIMP, SITPS and others, on the basis of which you can obtain the relevant entitlements. The courses are intended for people who want to work at positions where electrical rights up to 1kV are required.

Each G-1 electrical, G-2 thermal, G-3 gas, PSE, SIMP, SITPS and other course covers the topics necessary for workplaces with power, heating and gas installations. The programmes are individually tailored to the respective positions and include both extensive theoretical knowledge, on the basis of which the participant takes the exam for the G-1 to 1kV electrical licence, as well as practical experience which teaches how to operate, maintain, assemble, repair, and inspect and measure equipment and installations.

G-1 course - Electrical Engineering

photoSEP course up to 1 kV Warsaw

The training is designed for those wishing to obtain authorisations up to 1kV to work in the operation and supervision of electrical equipment and networks. Topics of the training include:

  • rules of conduct for establishing networks and operating installations and equipment
  • creation of connections of installations and equipment
  • principles of construction and operation and technical conditions for equipment, networks and installations
  • principles for control and measurement work
  • provisions for maintenance of operating and technical manuals and records

G-2 course - heat

The training includes theoretical information and practice on working in the operation and supervision of equipment that generates, processes, consumes and transmits heat. Topics include:

  • rules for connecting installations and equipment to the network
  • principles of construction, operation, technical conditions for equipment, networks and installations
  • principles for correct programming of networks, equipment and installations
  • rules for proper operation
  • provisions on operation and the preparation and maintenance of technical and operating instructions and records
  • principles for controls and measurements
  • health and safety regulations and first aid rules

Course G-3 - Gases

snapshotenergy rights odk ergon
The training is aimed at people who wish to work in the operation and supervision of gas networks, installations and equipment that produce, process, store, transmit and consume gas. The training topics include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • connection and installation of equipment and installations on the network
  • programming principles for plant, networks and equipment, including rules for the rational use of energy
  • principles of construction, operation and technical conditions of equipment, networks and installations
  • operating rules and maintenance instructions and records
  • carrying out measurement and control work
  • health and safety regulations and first aid classes

It is worth remembering that G-1 1kV, PSE 1kV, SIMP 1kV, SITPS 1kV and other electrical qualifications are issued for a period of 5 years. After this period of time it is necessary to undergo a retraining and to take an exam.

In our Centre the course of training is always dependent on the position and additionally on the needs of participants and clients commissioning it. We conduct closed trainings, on the basis of which it is possible to obtain electrical building qualifications in accordance with the occupied positions. Our specialists will help you choose the right subject matter which will reflect your needs. If you choose courses for G1 electrical, G2 thermal, G3 gas licences price in our Centre will certainly prove to be the most attractive.

ERGON Centre for Staff Improvement - PSE, SIMP, SITPS and other licences as well as G1 electrical, G2 thermal, G3 gas licences - Warsaw and entire Poland. Always BEST PRICES! You are cordially invited!

The information on this website does not constitute a commercial offer and has been compiled so that the trainee can be aware of the possibility of obtaining certification from different electrician training providers.

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Examples of certification bodies
CommissionFull name of the committee
PSEPolish Electrical Installation Association
SIMPAssociation of Polish Mechanical Engineers
SEPAssociation of Polish Electrical Engineers
SITPS or SITSpożAssociation of Food Industry Engineers and Technicians

The trainee has the right to choose the examination board

Application to download:
Group 1 Electrical authorisationsGroup 1 Electrical authorisations
Group 2 Thermal powerGroup 2 Thermal power
Group 3 Gas allowancesGroup 3 Gas allowances