Welder at workSpecialized training in theoretical and practical skills, completed with an exam, allows you to acquire the necessary competences for the profession of welder / welding work. The completion of such training also entitles to obtain new qualifications or to extend the validity period of existing qualifications, in areas such as TIG, MAG and MMA.

What you can gain as our listener

  • the necessary certification documents, valid throughout the EU (certificate of completion of training, welding test certificate, welder's book for those obtaining the qualification from scratch, relevant entry in the welder's book),
  • sound knowledge and skills,
  • a new profession; the opportunity to develop in many industries that use welding techniques, i.e. automotive, aviation, shipbuilding, the wider construction sector,
  • new entitlements/renewal of existing entitlements, in an existing profession,

Training and preparation for the examination:

Our staff are well prepared specialists - lecturers, including engineers, who represent substantive knowledge and experience. They explain the issues clearly, support students with practical instructions and answer any questions in the context of both the course and the vocational exam.

Adapted technical facilities

The training takes place in premises dedicated to welding work. We provide safe workplaces, fully equipped with the necessary equipment, tools and materials. Classes take place under the permission of the accreditation body, the Welding Institute, on the basis of the highest standards and current legislation.

Migomat - welding machine

Theoretical and practical content of the course

  • Electrotechnology - in terms of welding applications,
  • Material science and quality of welded joints,
  • Principles of technical drawing - reading and drafting,
  • Welder's workshop (equipment, tools),
  • Welding technology and methods,
  • Entitlement to perform the occupation/welding work in the light of Euro-standard EN-287-01,
  • The principles of occupational health and safety and fire protection in welding work,
  • Practical and technical classes in the chosen welding specialisation (TIG/ MAG/ MMA).

Course participant requirements:

Welding work involves exposure to risks such as high material temperatures, fumes and hazards from the use of equipment. For this reason, there are formal requirements for candidates to take part in the course: they should be of full age, with at least a primary school education and their state of health must be certified by an occupational doctor.


Trainees during practical and technical classes


We welcome all applicants who meet the requirements for a training course: with us you will gain concrete knowledge and practical skills as a welder.