We invite you to the optical fiber connection course, organized by ERGON. We have been successfully educating professionals for over 25 years. Training to raise professional qualifications for adults is carried out in accordance with the ISO 29990 standard of education quality. In a substantive and accessible way, we implement step by step in welding of optical fibers.   

Who are the fibre optic interconnection courses aimed at?   

  • to persons wishing to become approved as fibre optic cable splicers 
  • to those wishing to acquire new qualifications 
  • installers and cable TV workers 
  • to companies in the telecommunications industry that want to outsource employee training 

The course provides a comprehensive theoretical and practical preparation for work in the profession. It helps to understand how a fibre optic welding machine works and how to operate it, explains the technique of making splices, teaches how to prepare and finish fibre optic cables. 

Knowledge gained after the training: 

  • types of fibre optic cables and their structure 
  • knowledge of instruments, tools and techniques for preparing the installation immediately prior to welding 
  • understanding of the types of fibre optic welding machines and the differences between them in terms of precision and quality of welds made 
  • knowledge of examples of equipment, instructions for its use (possibilities of a given welding machine, its functions) 
  • operation of fibre optic welding machine, fibre optic welding 
  • ability to make a final assessment of the quality of the welded joint based on visual inspection as well as correct interpretation of the result of the estimate made by the welding machine 
  • health and safety rules at work 

Upon completion of the training, the trainee will receive 

  • Certificate documenting the completion of ERGON training in Polish and English, recognised in Poland and abroad. 


To sign up for welding course fibre optics will suffice: 

  • At least 18 years old 
  • at least primary education 

Course price 

The resort offers a very favourable price. For larger groups we have prepared attractive discounts. Detailed price offer can be found here In case of additional questions please contact us at number: +48 22 290 29 09 or email: biuro@ergon.edu.pl our staff will answer them in detail.  

Where does the training take place? 

Trainings on fibre optics connection are conducted in the Training Hall of our CSO Operators Training Centre in Warsaw Ursus at 5/272A Gierdziejewskiego Street. We also carry out closed trainings organized with access to customers throughout the country.  

Why take the training?  

Today, due to the scale of the transition to fibre optic technology and the increasing involvement of telecommunications companies, the demand for specialists in this field has increased significantly. Proven knowledge of operating a fibre optic welding machine offers the prospect of stable, long-term employment in the profession.