Use of electrofusion and butt welding methods in the field of polyolefin pipelines

Pipe fitter at workSuccessful entrepreneurs are aware of the fact that educated staff is a key and irreplaceable resource for implementing long-term business strategy. Consequently, further training of employees, based on broadening and deepening their spectrum of skills, affects many important areas of a company's operations and, in particular, the efficiency of its business activities. This is no different for industries that use welding technology. The quality of products and services is determined by the faultlessness and durability of the installed solutions carried out by fitters. It is worth emphasising that the reliable execution of welding work depends mainly on the proficiency of the fitters in implementing specific solutions. Competent staff plays a key role. With this in mind, we have prepared this training offer for you.

What does the entrepreneur stand to gain?

  • The entrepreneur works assiduously at his deskimproving the knowledge and skills of employees; this factor influences the professionalism of staff and the professionalism of products and services,
  • enrichment of the company's knowledge with new competences of the employees acquired during the training courses and with the necessary authorisations of the staff to perform the type of executive work,
  • building a better relationship with the employee (a relationship based on the employer's investment in the employee's competence development and on the employee's loyalty); this factor reduces staff turnover,
  • improving the quality of goods and services produced by an enterprise,
  • a reduction in costs arising from human error in carrying out the work,
  • improving and consolidating the company's image as a reliable and modern contractor and employer.


PE pipe welding installer course - for your employees
Criterion:Description:Detailed description:
For whom:employees enrolled by their employer to participate in the trainingfor adults with an appropriate certificate from a doctor of occupational medicine (indicating that there are no contraindications to work in such conditions)
Objective of the class:mastering the theoretical and practical-technical aspects of trainingknowledge in the area of work execution related to welding and PE pipe systems
Effect:professional certificationpassing the examination in both parts (theory and practical) and obtaining the relevant qualification


Opportunities available in the area of training provision

Our offer is addressed to business customers and other institutional entities. As part of the order execution, we will organise a course tailored to the educational needs of employees working in your company/institution. Therefore, training courses may be of the following nature:

  • basic or advanced, depending on the employees' level of knowledge and indications that they need to acquire specific skills or the necessary authorisations,
  • stationary (at our headquarters in Warsaw) or mobile, at the customer's place - depending on the didactic needs specified in the order by the customer.


Tutor and trainees in the training roomThe training is conducted based on a set timetable. The course will cover the following topics:

  • polyethylene - systematics, properties and applications,
  • quality criteria for PE pipes, fittings and other installation forms,
  • storage and other logistical activities related to PE pipes,
  • characteristics of types of combustible gases,
  • natural gas and its transport through PE pipelines,
  • gas pipes, associated with typically mining areas,
  • construction and operation of gas pipelines - contemporary technologies and materials,
  • technology for joining pipes and fittings by butt and electrofusion welding,
  • the use of plastics in so-called technical rehabilitation projects for PE pipe systems,
  • Health, safety and fire protection conditions and PE pipe systems.

Why choose our training

We are a company with an established market position. We have been active in the training industry for 20 years. During this time we have acquired a wealth of experience in organising and conducting technical training courses, with particular emphasis on the use of welded solutions in PE pipe systems. Our staff consists of qualified lecturers and instructors who have knowledge, experience and developed didactic skills. Teachers - will explain the theory of the presented issues, show practical examples of installation of PE pipe systems, answer questions of the audience, and also suggest appropriate methods to solve the problems brought by them. During the training, we take care of the availability of all resources necessary for the performance of practical tasks, i.e. tools, accessories and materials. In addition, each student of the course will receive solidly developed training materials, providing high-quality support in preparation for the two-part professional exam.

About PE pipe welding

Welding of PE pipes is most often carried out on the basis of methods such as electrofusion welding and butt welding. The use of welding processes, whether electrofusion or butt welding, ensures that the combined structure will be homogeneous in terms of material (no admixtures of other materials). This method of welding has the effect of enabling the pipe system to carry so-called axial loads. This affects the stability of the structure, especially in the event of ground movements. When it comes to electrofusion welding, it is important to adapt the pipes to the welding process as a first step. Then, the pipe and its dedicated fitting are cleaned of sediments and oxidised layer and degreased using a specific type of cleaner. The next step is to immobilise the pipe together with the fitting. This is possible with installation clamps. The next step is electrofusion welding, which uses the thermoplastic properties of the pipe and fitting material. Finally, as a result of cooling processes, the welded joint (pipe and fitting) cools down and the installers remove the clamps. Pipes and fittings can also be joined using butt welding. This is a solution aimed at connecting elements of sufficiently long diameters. The welding process takes place here by heating up the pipe and fitting and applying appropriate clamping force.

You are welcome to join our course

If you are interested in the training offer "Course for installers of welded solutions in PE pipe systems". If you are interested in the training offer "Course for installers of welded solutions in PE pipe systems", we invite you to talk to our consultants. They will answer your questions and clarify any doubts you may have. You can also call our hotline to request a training course.