Do you work in transport or industry and want to improve your skills or completely change your career path? Sign up for mobile platforms training in ODK ERGON to feel more confident on the job market. We guarantee effective and professional preparation for the state exam.

We teach the operation of equipment in the following areas:

  • scissor lifts, mobile basket lifts, vehicle-mounted mobile platforms
  • suspended, stationary and mast platforms

What are mobile platforms?

Also known as skips or hoists, these devices allow you to lift not only materials, but also workers, tools and equipment needed for the job. Due to their mobility, they are much more practical than standard scaffolding. The safe design, efficiency and easy operation of mobile platforms make them widely used in industry, especially in the logistics, construction and maintenance sectors.

Applications for mobile platforms

Mobile platforms belong to the group of handling equipment whose most important function is to move workers and tools horizontally and vertically by means of a platform or gondola. They are used mainly in construction works, finishing works, all kinds of installations. They can be found in the advertising industry, in works related to cleaning or decorating surfaces at heights. In addition, these devices are useful in the installation of outdoor structures such as stages, etc. Training as a mobile platforms operator allows you to acquire new qualifications and authorisations and increase your chances on the labour market.

What training do we offer?

In our offer you will find operator training:

  • mobile platforms of the "spider" type
  • freewheeling scissor lifts
  • aerial lifts
  • suspended access platforms
  • stationary lifts
  • mast climbing work platforms

Course on spider-type mobile platforms

In the theoretical part of our training you will learn about:

  • The construction of the so-called "spider"
  • Safety rules when using platforms
  • Detailed operating instructions
  • Carrying out examinations and tests on the machine
  • Technical supervision rules

Trainings are organised in large cities in Poland. Classes combine theory and practice - theoretical knowledge is supplemented with skills. Using the Centre's technical base, students learn how to prepare the equipment for work and how to operate it safely and professionally.


Mobile lifts course

These types of booms are used to lift people working at heights. Such lifts differ from each other by the type of drive:

  • diesel powered lift - mainly for off-road work as it is often fitted with four-wheel drive,
  • electric powered platform - great for indoors as it is small, easy to use and extremely manoeuvrable.

Authorisation to operate scissor lifts is valid for 5 or 10 years depending on the type of equipment.

Training for aerial work platform operator

Boom lifts can only be operated by people who have a UDT licence, so the only way to start working in this position is to attend a training course and pass a state exam.

The programme of theoretical classes in the maintenance of skips includes:

  • Key information on technical supervision
  • Standards and other provisions relating to work as a maintenance worker
  • Discussion of operating instructions and technical documentation for aerial work platforms
  • Construction, types, operation of mobile platforms
  • Maintenance obligations relating to inspections and repairs
  • Health and safety rules for maintenance
  • Methods for dealing with frequently occurring defects
  • Electrical part
  • Mechanical part, including hydraulic
  • Keeping skips in good working order


Preparation for work on suspended access platforms

Our training is divided into a theoretical part, followed by a practical part with the use of machines from the Centre's base. Our instructors demonstrate in a safe and professional manner the principles of using the machines.

During the theory classes you will learn about:

  • types of suspended platforms
  • the construction of the equipment and its various parts
  • stability of equipment
  • activities before, during and after work
  • means of securing the mechanical, hydraulic and electrical cable
  • safety rules for working at height
  • preparing the equipment for operation taking into account the surroundings and current conditions
  • methods of carrying out strength and stability tests and trials
  • technical supervision rules

Why become an aerial work platform operator?

Due to the popularity of boom lifts in Poland and abroad, interest in qualified boom lift operators continues to grow. The opening of labour markets in the European Union has created new opportunities for gainful employment. Lift trucks are versatile machines used in industry, construction, agriculture and many other sectors which means that there is no shortage of work for this position. By choosing training offered by ERGON, you can be sure that you learn from the best, and the UDT exam should not be a problem for you.


How much does a mobile platform operator earn?

Remuneration for this position varies depending on the company, region, number of clients served by the company. The most common is between PLN 3,000 and 4,500 gross per month. It should be remembered that the more experienced and versatile operator, the higher the rate.

Data for 2021:

In Poland

Beginner3800 PLN
Experienced5400 PLN 


Training venue

Training for operators of mobile platforms takes place in various locations throughout the country: we organise UDT training in Warsaw, Krakow, Silesia and other large cities. We also offer closed trainings, which take place in a place convenient for the customer by prior arrangement.


ERGON offers professional customer service when organising training courses and attractive prices. For larger groups we have special discounts. For detailed information on prices please contact us with us.

Why train with ERGON?

The course we offer provides theoretical and practical preparation for work in the profession. During the training we focus on the comprehensive improvement of qualifications of our trainees. We have over twenty years of experience, during which time we have trained thousands of people.

As the demand for specialists in operating mobile platforms continues to grow, we meet our customers' expectations and pass on knowledge in an accessible and highly effective manner.

If you have any questions about our offer, please contact us - our staff will be happy to help clarify any doubts.

We encourage you to choose our services!