Mast mobile platforms are used on construction sites, in renovation work and also in warehousesA mobile mast platform is a device which, according to the regulations, is subject to technical supervision. This entails a number of obligations for the operators of the equipment, including the need to have qualifications issued by the UDT.

For those who would like to obtain such qualifications and work as operators, we suggest taking part in a course that will effectively prepare you for this. UDT trainings, in accordance with the requirements of this organisation, allow you to acquire theoretical knowledge and practical skills needed to operate platforms. Classes are held throughout Poland, and also online as a real-time webinar.

Mast climbers versus other types of mobile platforms

All platforms are material handling devices that are covered by technical supervision. UDT has divided them into categories of authorisations. Until June 2020, the old categorisation was in force, according to which mast platforms belonged, together with stationary mobile platforms, to category II P.

The following types are currently distinguished:

  • Stationary
  • Mobile
  • Hanging
  • Mast
  • On railway vehicles

Mast platforms are fitted with a distinctive lattice structure. On this structure a basket is placed, which is a working platform, sometimes with an extendable part. The platform moves vertically on the mast using a rack and pinion jack. The whole is on a chassis with wheels and supports.

Mast climbing course

The course is intended for those who wish to take the UDT exam for operator's qualifications. The course programme focuses on the best possible preparation of the candidate for the UDT examination process.

Our instructors discuss topics that appear in exam questions such as:

  • Health and safety rules for work with materials handling equipment
  • Operator's responsibilities regarding preparation for work, maintaining safety during and after work, use of protective equipment and measures
  • Information on mast platforms: construction, types, intended use
  • Provisions on technical supervision applicable to operators

The lectures are complemented by practical exercises which take place on a manoeuvring square and on equipment provided by the Centre.

The UDT course for operators can also be held remotely via live webinars conducted by our instructors. In this case, students only need to pass the practical part of the course on site.

The state exam is held at the end of the training course by the competent UDT commission (Warsaw or - if the course takes place in another city - a branch of the UDT). The examination includes a knowledge test followed by an interview with an examiner at the machine. If you pass the exam, you will be issued with a certificate for mast and stationary mobile platforms that is valid for 10 years.

The mast mobile platform consists of a working platform moved along the mast by means of a driveDetails of the "Mast Lifts" course: price, enrolment, dates

Persons who meet the following requirements may take part in the training and examination: they must be over 18 years of age, have at least a primary school education, and their health condition allows them to work as an operator (medical certificate required).

We accept registrations via the website There you will find all detailed information: schedule with current dates of classes, prices, etc. Payment can be made by adding selected training to the basket and using the Przelewy24 system.

On our registration page you can also find other courses: mobile platforms, self-propelled platforms (qualifications for platforms) and other materials handling equipment. We invite you to familiarise yourself with complete offer.