ODK ERGON invites all interested parties to participate in the training for the maintenance of equipment for the disabled. Devices intended for use by persons with reduced mobility are part of the handling equipment (UTB). In accordance with the regulations in force, they are subject to technical supervision, which means that their maintenance may only be undertaken by a person with appropriate qualifications. The necessary qualifications are issued by the Office of Technical Inspection after successfully passing the state examination.

With us, passing the UDT exam will not be a problem!


Who is the course designed for?

The course is intended for people who want to obtain authorization for the safe operation and maintenance of devices intended for disabled people. Participants will gain the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge as well as familiarize themselves with the applicable regulations, methods of maintenance, learn how to deal with breakdowns and keep the necessary documentation.


Purpose of the course

The aim of the course is to prepare participants to pass the state examination before the commission of the Office of Technical Inspection and to prepare them for safe and professional maintenance of machines intended for use by persons with reduced mobility.


What are devices for people with disabilities?

Devices intended for use by persons with reduced mobility include:

device name Features of the device
Staircase craneThey are intended for the transport of disabled people, including those in wheelchairs. They are installed wherever there is no possibility of installing an elevator. Disabled people are able to handle them fully independently. One press of a button makes the device go from standby to standby. We divide them into:

  • inclined platforms
  • chair lifts
Vertical platformIt has a greater lifting capacity than stairlifts. It is characterized by a screw, chain or hydraulic drive. It is large enough to allow the transport of a person in a wheelchair with their guardian.

Application of stair lifts and vertical platforms

Lifts with hydraulic or electric drive, which we find at staircases, for example at railway stations, universities, offices, banks, libraries and other places of public use, are specialized devices designed to help people with disabilities. The regulations oblige building designers to remove all architectural barriers so that disabled people can fully benefit from the cultural offer or services of state offices.

Training programme

During the classes, students will learn about:

  • types of platforms,
  • detailed construction of electrically and hydraulically powered devices.

Our lecturers pay special attention to the most common faults and practical methods of dealing with them. Participants will learn about the duties of a conservator and the regulations related to this position. The classes proposed by ODK ERGON have been designed in such a way as to optimally and effectively prepare participants for the qualifying exam. The following issues will be discussed during the training:

  • legal provisions and regulations in the field of technical supervision;
  • characteristics and construction of handling equipment;
  • the duties of the conservator;
  • the most common faults and failures and methods of their removal;
  • health and safety rules applicable to operation and maintenance;
  • ways for comprehensive inspection and repair.

In the practical part of the training, we guarantee participants the opportunity to prepare the exam on the professional equipment provided by us. At ERGON, you will learn about the theoretical and practical aspects of the maintenance of platforms for people with disabilities in both categories:

  • preventive maintenance, carried out inspection, even then, no faults have been reported. This action is planned in accordance with the instructions of the manufacturer of the equipment or the management policy of the building in which the platform has been installed.
  • repair maintenance - carried out in the event of unforeseen faults or sudden failures and failures of the said equipment.

Responsibilities of the conservator of handling equipment

As part of a qualified person's inspection of a stairlift or vertical platform, the following are checked:

  • load-bearing mechanisms, load-bearing links, brake systems;
  • fastening of all elements;
  • protection and movement limiters;
  • control panel functions;
  • signaling devices and their bulbs.

Earned Powers

The qualifications issued by the Office of Technical Inspection are intended to confirm the knowledge and skills of using loading platforms, including the transport of people, and also the knowledge of technical conditions of supervision, applicable regulations and standards. The issued certificate will be valid for 5 years. A person who has obtained the qualifications of a maintenance technician may repair, maintain and carry out technical inspections of all types of devices for transporting disabled people.


Training at ERGON guarantees a professional approach and a reasonable price. We have promising discounts for larger groups. For more information welcome to contact us telephone.