A stationary mobile platform is a device that should not be operated by casual, untrained people. As with all equipment used for transporting people to work at height, knowledge of the structure, mechanism of operation and the ability to adapt to the prevailing conditions is essential. Without these rules, operating mobile platforms can lead to serious accidents. This is one of the reasons why the Office of Technical Inspection decided that in order to work with these devices, it is necessary to obtain the relevant qualification for stationary mobile platforms. The Office of Technical Inspection makes it possible to obtain such a permit by passing a theoretical and practical exam.

We offer course for mobile lifts The classroom training is a way to quickly and effectively prepare for this exam. The approach to the exam is included in the price of the training, and the range of issues discussed during the classes has been agreed with the UDT.

Stationary mobile lifting course - advantages

Why take part in the training:

  • This course fully prepares you for a career as a platform operator. Completion of the course and passing the exam are sufficient to take up employment.
  • The course price includes the UDT state examination. Training courses have a programme that takes into account the examination requirements, so that we can boast a high pass rate among participants.
  • Our experienced instructors conduct theoretical and practical classes. As a result, the trainees learn how to operate the equipment safely and in compliance with the regulations, which later translates into accident-free work.
  • No previous experience is necessary to complete the training and obtain the licence required by the UDT. Both beginners and those who have already worked with platforms can take part in the classes. We adapt the scope of the issues covered to the level of the group.
  • Classes are held in various locations - check out the courses for mobile platforms in Warsaw, Katowice, Krakow or Wroclaw. At the request of companies, we can also organise courses for employees only.
  • We also make it possible to complete the theory part remotely by participating in live webinars conducted by our instructors.
  • In our centre we also organise other training courses with UDT examinations (in Warsaw and other large cities). We encourage you to familiarize yourself with training offer courses on self-propelled mobile platforms, mobile platforms and aerial work platforms.

Detailed information

The course is intended for people who meet the minimum requirements: age 18 or over, at least primary education, good health - no health contraindications confirmed by a medical certificate.

The duration of the classes varies from about 8 to about 20-35 hours, depending on the group.

To register for the selected classes, please register and pay on our website www.platformaedukacji.pl. There you will find the current dates, class locations and other details of the mobile platforms courses (price, conditions, etc.).

Should you have any further questions welcome to contact us by email or telephone.