A pendant mobile platform is a handling device with a rope-supported working platformThe aim of the course is to provide future equipment operators with the knowledge necessary to obtain professional licences granted by the UDT. Training courses organised by the Centre have a programme in line with the requirements of this organisation, taking into account the issues raised during the exam. The course is not only an effective preparation for the exam - it is also a source of knowledge and skills necessary for safe, accident-free and compliant work as an operator. 

UDT authorisation for platforms - work opportunities 

Suspended mobile platforms are devices used to move people, tools and materials vertically on the facades of buildings and structures. They are equipped with a platform placed on ropes attached to a supporting structure located in the upper part of the building. This quite simple mechanism gives many possibilities when it comes to the use of this type of equipment. A suspended access platform can be of particular help to people working on the facades of buildings: painting, insulation, maintenance or installation of equipment (e.g. air-conditioning). The suspended platform operator can also work on masts, chimneys, silos and even ships, vessels and drilling platforms. 

Hanging mobile lifting platforms - Operating training course 

During the course, participants gain knowledge through lectures (delivered in class or online) and practical sessions. The material covers such issues as the construction of platforms, preparing the operator for work, safety rules, procedures in the event of a breakdown or accident, carrying out tests and inspections on platforms. Practical exercises are held on the Centre's own manoeuvring area in the hall, using available safety equipment and devices. 

To check detailed information on training for mobile lifts (priceFor more information on the following topics (e.g. dates, location of classes), please visit our website www.platformaedukacji.pl. Through this site you can also sign up for a course at the date and location of your choice. You can also find other courses in our offer (mobile platforms, mobile walkways, cranes, overhead cranes, G1, G2, G3 courses and others). 

If you have any further questions, you can contact us by email or telephone. 

Using suspended access platforms, work can easily be carried out on facades, chimneys, viaducts, bridgesUDT exam - entitlements for participants 

Everyone who attends the classes can take a state exam. The exam cost is included in the course price. The qualifications are checked by UDT Warsaw or one of its branches, depending on the place of the classes. 

Candidate operators undergo a theoretical knowledge test, followed by a test of their practical skills in operating the equipment. 

A qualification certificate in the form of a plastic card is issued after passing the examination and completing the course. UDT issues qualifications valid in Poland. If you wish to work in another country, you may need to obtain additional qualifications. For those interested, the Centre organises training courses enabling the acquisition of a certificate recognised abroad. (link to offshore courses page).