If you are interested in becoming a crane operator and obtaining a HDS licence, we invite you to sign up for the HDS operator training we offer. Would you like to operate hydraulic truck cranes, but do not know where to start? Or maybe you are the owner of a transport or construction company and you lack the HDS operator? Take advantage of the training offer of the Operator Training Centre! In order to operate hydraulic truck cranes, it is necessary to have a relevant licence, which can only be obtained after completing an appropriate course and passing a state examination before a commission from the Office of Technical Inspection.


Purpose of the HDS cranes course

HDS craneParticipants will acquire theoretical and practical knowledge necessary for the safe operation of hydraulic truck cranes and prepare for the national UDT exam. They will get acquainted with the regulations in force, methods of maintenance and keeping the necessary documentation.


Who is the course designed for?

We recommend taking part in our course to people who need to gain a licence to operate hydraulic truck cranes. We require candidates to be at least 18 years old and to have a medical certificate stating that there are no contraindications to work in this position.


What is a HDS crane?

The hydraulic truck crane is an advanced crane adapted to loading and unloading of goods. Its compact design and mechanical drive mean that it can reach places inaccessible to other cranes. We distinguish between general-purpose HDS, trans-shipment cranes that are mounted on the back of a vehicle or semi-trailer and those with a rigidly mounted structure on the chassis.


Use of hydraulic cranes

HDS is widely used in transhipment work, for example:

  • on small construction sites where the use of heavy equipment is not possible;
  • for loading, transporting and unloading construction materials such as paving stones, bricks, hollow blocks, roof tiles, sheet metal, etc;
  • for transporting building materials to higher floors;
  • for the transport and unloading of containers;
  • in forestry for timber export;
  • for stacking containers.

operation of HDS crane 

HDS crane construction

These types of cranes are constructed with fixed and variable parts, as they are used to load and unload goods of different weights and shapes.

stabiliser supportsplaced on each side to counterbalance the weight of the crane
crane baseon which the crane rests remains unchanged despite the enormous loads to which it is subjected
crane columnvertical part connecting the platform to the lift
boomthe moving part, which carries the load
hydraulic systemmost of the new machines are already based on hydraulic cylinders, thanks to which work is faster and more precise
grabespecially suitable for transporting irregularly shaped loads such as timber
hookthe most frequently used variable part, used for transporting very heavy goods



ERGON HDS operator training programme

Mobile crane operator training includes knowledge of:

  • construction and equipment of cranes;
  • knowledge of the operation of hydraulic, electrical and mechanical safety devices;
  • operation and knowledge of operating instructions;
  • knowing the responsibilities of the operator before, during and after working on the equipment;
  • selection of variable parts depending on the work to be carried out;
  • estimating the centre of gravity of a load based on its mass and size;
  • knowledge of health and safety regulations;
  • providing first aid in the event of an accident.

Training is conducted according to the programme approved by UDT in accordance with the provisions of the Act of 21 December 2000 on technical supervision (Journal of Laws 2000 No. 122 item 1321).


Career opportunities after completing the training

Experienced professionals certified to operate various types of heavy machinery are needed in many industries. Those who complete the course and pass the exam will be able to start working in:

  • construction companies and warehouses,
  • transport companies,
  • production plants where it is necessary to move goods and equipment, sawmills and companies in the woodworking industry,
  • transporting timber in forest areas.


HDS operator exam - what to expect?

Inspectors of the Office of Technical Inspection focus in the theoretical part of the exam on checking the knowledge of technical supervision, knowledge of regulations and mechanical, electrical and hydraulic safeguards used in the operation of this equipment. The practical part of the exam is an assessment of the ability to operate the machine in practice, the examinee demonstrates the operation of the HDS crane by following specific instructions of the inspectors from the commission.



A positive result of the UDT exam results in obtaining a qualification certificate, which entitles you to operate mobile and portable cranes for 10 years.

In the case of a desire to work abroad, most employers accept qualifications obtained in Poland, but the final decision on employment lies with the business owner.

Training venue

ODK ERGON provides courses in operating HDS cranes in Warsaw and in our regional branches. For larger groups we organise closed trainings with the possibility of travelling to your company.



Training in ERGON guarantees a professional approach and a reasonable price. For larger groups we have promising discounts. Our employees will answer all your questions.