container handling deviceContainer handling devices are devices that are subject to technical supervision by the Office of Technical Inspection. This means that they can only be operated by a person with appropriate permissions. Therefore, we have created an ideal course for people who want or need to obtain the required qualifications for a specific position. For many years we have been running professional courses for employees all over Poland. Our company offers professional courses, thanks to which you will receive the authorization to operate devices for handling containers, and then start working as an operator of these devices. Students have the opportunity to freely adjust the courses to their needs. We guarantee an individual approach and useful tools, accessories and materials. We also have electronic materials, thanks to which you can refresh your knowledge at any time. All participants have access to training materials as well as professional support. They provide professional and comprehensive training in the field of working with devices for handling containers. To join the course, you must be at least 18 years of age, have at least basic education and have a medical certificate confirmed by a medical certificate. We have qualified lecturers and experienced instructors who professionally deal with the operation and maintenance of container manipulation devices, as well as have the Transport Technical Supervision license. Each training takes place in two forms. At the beginning, there are theoretical classes, where participants receive the necessary knowledge to obtain the appropriate qualifications. Then we move on to the practical part, where the students acquire the acquired knowledge and skills in practice. During the course, topics such as: types and construction of devices are discussed; cargo transportation information; operator actions before, during and after work; technical supervision; information in the field of legal provisions, including the operation of devices; preventing dangerous damage and accidents. In the practical part, participants have the opportunity, under the supervision of instructors, to practice the operation of container handling devices. After completing the course, participants are required to take the exam. Only a positive result of the exam allows you to be authorized to work at height.

Where can you find us?

You can find us in Warsaw, Kraków, Bielsko-Biała, and also in Katowice. Our branches are located in each city and it is possible to sign up for a training course. You can find the schedule of dates on our website. In relation to the number of people, we individually agree the price, in the case of larger groups, discounts are provided. We are willing to negotiate. Please feel free to contact us for more information or if you have any questions.

Container handling equipment

Container handling devices are specialized devices widely used all over the world in various branches of industry. Sea transport is an industry that cannot function without this type of equipment. Nowadays, in virtually all ports and terminals that deal with container transport, container handling equipment can be seen. They enable fast and safe transport of containers. Presently, along with the increase in the use of containers in transport, groupage reloading is increasingly used. Kalmar is one of the leading companies in the production of container handling equipment.


Among the container handling devices, we can distinguish the following classifications:

  • Harbor cranes including mobile, rail-mounted and / or floating cranes;
  • Offshore container cranes;
  • Container stacking gantry cranes - on rubber wheels, rail-mounted or automatic;
  • Lifting trucks - for handling empty containers, manipulators of full containers, heavy forklifts;
  • Gantry trucks, including stacking or quick transport;
  • Transport carts - automatic transport carts and automatic transport carts with lifting.

Historical overview of container handling devices

operator on container handling equipment

Initially, containers in terminals and ports were handled by gantry cranes, port cranes and heavy forklifts. Then, due to the increased flow and the greater capacity of the containers, it was necessary to use special machines. Gantry cranes, gantry carriages and shuttle trolleys were designed for this purpose and were characterized by high lifting capacity. They were a pillar of port container handling operations, but recently they have been replaced by reachstackers - specialized forklifts originally designed exclusively for container handling. Every year, around 2,000 reachtackers are sold worldwide. Reach forklifts rarely come to the aftermarket as they are initially purchased with specific operating conditions in mind and in line with long-term business plans. The use of reachstackers can speed up container handling in intermediate warehouses and low-consolidation terminals, reduce container handling costs, and thus strengthen the position of a given port, region and even country in freight transport.

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