Equipment subject to technical supervision, for which a licence is required for maintenance, includes, among others, cranes, overhead cranes, mobile platformsA licence as a materials handling equipment maintenance technician gives you many options when it comes to working as an employee or self-employed person. If you are self-employed, you can take on ongoing maintenance, scheduled repairs or periodic or pre-release inspections. UDT maintenance technicians work full-time in construction, transport and logistics companies, ensuring that company equipment is in good technical condition. We have prepared a course in maintenance of UDT equipment for those who think about working in this profession and want to ensure good preparation for the state exam. W our centre learning can be combined with an exam, taking a qualification test after the class.

Who is the Materials Handling Equipment Maintenance course designed for?

For those wishing to obtain a UDT maintenance licence, the course is an essential part of preparing for the exam. The programme can be tailored to the requirements of participants and can cover comprehensive exam topics for beginners as well as those who already know the basics of maintenance. To participate in the UDT conservator training course, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be of legal age
  • Have at least primary education (8-year primary school or 6-year school and lower secondary school)
  • Be in adequate health to work in the profession.

Types of handling equipment for which we conduct UDT maintenance courses

In our centre we conduct training courses during which we prepare for the work of a UDT maintenance technician for the following equipment: mobile platforms - various types, general and/or special-purpose cranes, general and/or special-purpose hoists and hoists, equipment for the transport of disabled persons, tower cranes, stationary, mobile and portable HDS.

A certified material handling equipment maintainer ensures that the equipment is in good working orderFramework training programme

For a subject as important as UDT equipment maintenance, the course needs to cover both theoretical and practical issues to provide a solid foundation for those wishing to work in the profession. Classes last 32-96 hours, depending on the level of the group and the training needs of the participants. In the theoretical classes, instructors teach, among other things:

  • Construction, mode of operation, types of equipment to which the training is devoted
  • Safety rules for maintenance work
  • Regulations and other legislative provisions concerning the technical inspection of material handling equipment
  • methods for carrying out technical inspections and removing frequently occurring defects
  • Issues related to electrical, mechanical, hydraulic parts
  • Use manuals and create documentation

An integral part of the training is the practical classes we conduct using our equipment.

Those who take both parts of the course and pass the internal exam will be able to take the state exam before the UDT commission. The exam is organised as part of the course, on a date set by UDT.

UDT authorisations and job opportunities after the course

All those who pass both parts (theoretical and practical) of the state exam are granted a UDT licence to maintain a given type of equipment. The licence is valid for 5 years and allows you to work all over Poland.

Practical information on training

Trainings take place all over Poland, in various locations. A detailed schedule of classes can be found on the training registration page: Registration takes place by adding the chosen course to your basket and paying for it using online payment. Our centre also provides closed-door training for companies, exclusively for employees