Aerial work platforms, known as booms, are material handling equipment subject to technical supervisionAerial work platforms are one of the types of material handling equipment which, according to UDT regulations, is subject to technical supervision. For their operators, this means that they must have a qualification certificate - a document issued for a period of 10 years, authorising them to work on mobile platforms. The course is conducted by experienced instructors from the Centre, which allows you to prepare thoroughly for the exam and gain the knowledge and skills necessary to safely operate aerial platforms.

Course programme for aerial work platforms

Theoretical classes

This is a part that takes the form of a lecture. The instructor, using techniques activating participants (questions, tests, examples), provides knowledge about the structure of aerial work platforms, jibs, chassis, technical supervision regulations, stability and durability of platforms, use of the aerial work platforms manual. The course may be conducted in a stationary location (we organise courses on aerial work platforms in Warsaw, Katowice and Kraków) or online.

Our training is not only a remote contact with the trainer (video), but also a presentation with tests during which the group can answer questions from their devices after each training module. The centre has a very innovative system of online training in which it places emphasis on methods of activating participants.

Practical classes

The trainees take part in them individually, arranging appointments with an instructor at a manoeuvring area in the Centre's examination hall. During the practical classes they learn how to prepare the machine for work, how to start it up, how to operate it safely, how to behave in the event of a breakdown or an accident at work.

Advanced training course - Organisational details

  • When the training sessions take place: we publish the current schedules on our website.
  • How long does it take course for mobile lifts mobile (self-propelled platforms, boom lifts): duration depends on the level of advancement of the students in the group. We offer classes for beginners as well as for experienced people who only need to complete their knowledge. Approximate duration is from 10 to about 20 hours according to the agreed training programmes. Training time can be adapted according to the needs of the group/client and the individual.
  • Registration for the course: we accept applications by phone and e-mail, as well as via the website
  • UDT training courses with examinations for companies: we organise closed-door training courses for company employees, at a time and place agreed with the client and with an individually tailored programme. For details welcome to contact us.

For more information on the organisation of courses for mobile platforms (prices, examinations, qualifications, etc.), please visit the page with frequently asked questions.

The aerial work platform must be operated by an operator with the appropriate qualification.authorisation for boom machines - working as operator

Training in the operation of booms is completed by an examination organised and conducted by the Office of Technical Inspection (UDT). The training programme is consistent with the examination requirements, both in terms of theory and practice. Trainees can also prepare for the exam using an online learning platform as part of self-directed learning. Our learning platform includes exam mock tests (up to 70 exam mocks with result legend and result reporting), learning materials and videos.

After obtaining a UDT certificate, the operator may work on aerial work platforms throughout Poland. Polish certificates are also recognised in EU countries and some non-EU countries.

Aerial work platforms are used in construction companies, renovation companies, power utilities and even fire services. Lift operators perform tasks such as:

  • Construction work: transport of workers for work at height, assembly of elements on the facade and roof of the building
  • Refurbishment - interior and exterior works
  • Painting, facade insulation, restoration of monuments
  • Repair of street lighting and electrical installations
  • Window cleaning, pruning and other cleaning work
  • Installation of large format advertising: neon signs, illuminated signs, billboards