Work at heightsMountaineering or altitude training is an extremely important element for employees who devote themselves to activities at height. Without proper training, it is very easy to perform work at height incorrectly and, consequently, lead to an accident. It is therefore worth going to a professionally prepared and conducted course that will provide us with valuable knowledge and skills ensuring the safety of ourselves and those around us. Danger in working on various types of structures or scaffolding is everyday life, it is very easy to get into an accident .. So you need to know how to properly prepare for this type of task. The latest offer of the ERGON Personnel Training Center offers climbing training in rope access techniques, during which you will learn everything that work at height requires. Our offer is very rich in valuable knowledge and necessary skills.

Climbing training in rope access techniques

Our mountaineering training is addressed to many people from various work environments, but what we care most about is that they are employees:

  • Dealing with construction works,
  • From the energy and electricity industry,
  • Working in warehouses located at a height,
  • Associated with the telecommunications industry,
  • From the sewage economy sector.

When it comes to the tasks performed by such people, we want to focus in particular on units that:

  • Go down and go in to work at height,
  • They use various types of positioning equipment,
  • They work using rope access techniques.

Rescue operation

The theoretical scope of our training

To understand well the essence of work at height, its dangers and available techniques, it is necessary to learn many important issues from the theory. For this purpose, we have prepared an extremely knowledge-rich theoretical training for you, where you will learn more about:

  • Risks and hazards when working at height,
  • Regulations in force when performing work at height,
  • Preventing risks and assessing the degree of danger,
  • Ability to adjust equipment for climbing work in rope access,
  • Tool maintenance rules,
  • The most important techniques using the equipment,
  • Procedure of behavior in the event of a suspension,
  • Getting acquainted with the so-called triangle of forces,

Periodic training

It is worth remembering that the above course must be repeated from time to time. For employees working at height, training should take place at least once a year, while people managing and organizing a team working in this way must update their knowledge every three years.

Practical scope of the course

By going to our mountaineering training, you are guaranteed that we will teach you many useful skills. The practical part includes many exercises, the most important of which are:

  • Ability to select equipment for personal protection,
  • Exercises in tying various types of knots,
  • Exercises in the maintenance of equipment, as well as the ability to dispose of it,
  • Learning how to use any equipment used for belaying, sliding and climbing,
  • Learning to build a stand,
  • Exercises in protection, packing and winding belaying ropes,
  • Switching from one rope to another,
  • Descending and climbing a rope,
  • Ability to climb a ladder using lines,
  • Evacuation actions and all rescue operations,
  • Exercises in lowering injured people, as well as pulling them out of the descender,
  • Rescue a suspended person within range.

As you can see, the practical part is very extensive and focuses on many different elements, the understanding of which will make it easier for you to work at heights using rope access. In addition, you will know how to organize such work and manage people working at heights.

Practical training

Great training infrastructure

ERGON Centre for Staff Improvement has within its walls new practice areas for training practical skills and very functional and comfortable lecture rooms, where you will be able to consume theoretical content in convenient conditions. Learning complex content related to working at heights has never been easier than now, with us. We trained a lot of employees from various backgrounds, and the certificates obtained from us enabled them to enormous professional development, thanks to which our training turned out to be a bull's eye.

Stage of the courseTheoretical trainingPractical training
PlaceLecture hall / room chosen by the clientTraining site / place chosen by the student

We will give you a certificate

After completing our course, you will receive a certificate issued by us, which will enable you to work in these unfavorable conditions. It is worth noting, however, that you will have to renew this entitlement every year if you are a manual worker. In that case, you can visit us again in the future. We believe that this is a very big step forward in your professional career.

We will do the training for you

We can organize the training in your place of residence, all you need to do is provide us with your address and we will arrange a suitable date to visit you and conduct the mountaineering course. If you have any questions about this particular issue, contact usand we will explain everything to you. Find out what comfort ERGON gives its students.

Great price

ERGON stands out on the market not only for customer comfort, but also very attractive prices. It is no different in the case of climbing training in rope access techniques. We offer favorable occasional discounts and flexible training rates.

Welcome to ERGON!

If you liked the above offer of the mountaineering course, write to us or call us to arrange a specific date. Take care of your future with ERGON today and come to your dream training.