Work at heightsEvery employee who works at heights, where his life and health is in danger of an unfortunate fall, should be interested in building access training. Constructions such as:

  • scaffolding,
  • you have,
  • roofs

are particularly dangerous, and work in such conditions requires appropriate training. The Operators' Training Center comes with a new offer - a construction access course, which you can sign up for today. The important thing, however, is the program of such training, the issues covered and them price.

Who is our training for?

It is worth considering whether this training is perfect for you. In this offer, we especially address employees from the environment:

  • roofing,
  • construction,
  • telephony and telecommunications,
  • photovoltaics,
  • power industry.

It is very important for us that these are people who take their professional development seriously and want to acquire the necessary competences in the field of construction access. If you are one of them, be sure to be interested in our offer.

Certificate after training

After completing our training, you will receive a two-year certificate that will significantly increase your professional competences. When your permission expires, please come back to us to update your knowledge. In addition, you will receive a specially prepared card documenting your passing the exam. This definitely distinguishes our offer from competing companies.

Practical training

What will we teach you?

During our training you will learn many important things, the most important of which are certainly:

  • the most important regulations and standards applicable to work at height,
  • familiarization with the so-called fall factor,
  • training in making knots,
  • learning how to transport materials and necessary tools,
  • the ability to control and select the appropriate equipment,
  • the most important elements of rescue operations at height,
  • training in building positions at heights,
  • entire fall arrest procedure
  • maintaining safety during work,

Periodic and introductory training

We offer both initial training for people who start their path with building access, as well as periodic training for those who plan to refresh their knowledge and qualifications. It is up to you what type of training you choose. Let us know where you would like to sign up and we will arrange the rest of the details for you. You must know that the number of people in groups is limited.

Type of building access trainingInitial trainingPeriodic training
Limit of people in the groupUp to 20 peopleUp to 10 people

What do we offer at our price?

By paying the price that we have previously agreed for our courses, you get benefits such as:

  • practice and theory rich in necessary and fruitful knowledge and skills,
  • a lot of multimedia materials that we will send you by e-mail,
  • a specially prepared certificate that will be valid for two years from the date of issue,
  • ID in the form of an ERGON participant card,
  • the opportunity to meet and talk to the best specialists in the field of work at heights, which will significantly increase your professional competences,

Practical classes

You need to know that the practical part will be carried out traditionally on specially created training grounds, which are rich in equipment and various types of complex devices that will help you train the necessary rope access skills. We are proud of what we have managed to create for clients who want to practice all rope access procedures. You will learn there, among other things:

Theoretical training in the lecture hall

  • use specialized personal protective equipment for suspending or supporting,
  • select specific personal protective equipment,
  • secure the workplace, organize safety at height,
  • proceedings to stop the fall,

In addition, you will learn about many applicable systems, such as:

  • rescue system,
  • restraint system,
  • rope access system,
  • fall arrest system

You will learn to combine appropriate personal protective equipment into so-called systems to increase the safety of work at heights. In addition, all devices used for evacuation and rescue operations according to the standards will be discussed:

  • EN 360,
  • EN1496,
  • EN 341.

It is worth remembering that we adapt our program strictly to your needs and the specifics of your work. We have a really wide range of material and it's up to you to decide which way the training will go. We approach our courses with the approach that it is the opinion of our clients that is the most important and that they have the final choice when it comes to the course program. Contact us and submit your requirements.

Big experience

As a long-term company, our portfolio includes a lot of trained employees and the same number of topics covered during training. We treat training in the subject of work at height as one of the most important ones available in our offer and we want you to know that we will make every effort to ensure that you understand the knowledge we offer as well as you can perfectly learn the skills we offer. Come and see for yourself.

Theory also online

If you do not want to come to us or for some reason you cannot participate in the theoretical part in stationary, we offer a specially prepared webinar, where we will present exactly the same as in live. We believe that it is a very comfortable and convenient solution for busy people who do not always have time to visit our centre. Nevertheless, we invite you to the stationary training if possible, where you will definitely learn more, having direct contact with the lecturers. The choice is yours, let us know which solution suits you better.

Choose ERGON!

Did you like the above construction access training offer? If so, please contact us by phone or message via the e-mail form, and we will arrange all the necessary details together. We look forward to seeing you and warmly welcome you!