Our centre provides specialist training for equipment subject to technical supervision, including inter alia a course for mobile platformsThe course, which prepares participants for examinations for mobile platforms, mobile, stationary and other licences in front of various commissions, including UDT Warszawa, guarantees the highest quality of knowledge transfer and practical skills thanks to which everyone can obtain a state licence. UDT authorisations and develop your career path.


Our training offer includes operation and maintenance of such equipment as boom lifts, but also modern basket lifts and scissor lifts, which are very often used. Our comprehensive UDT training is dedicated in particular to construction and industrial workers, advertising companies, as well as installers or operators of such equipment as boom lifts and other machines of this type. Each of our courses for mobile platforms is a practical and theoretical course conducted by qualified and professional staff, so each participant can gain a lot from it and take care of his/her professional career.


Our UDT trainings aim at getting participants authorised to operate mobile platforms and pass exams with a positive result. We prepare for various state exams, including the one in front of the UDT (Office of Technical Inspection) Warsaw commission, thanks to which each participant of the course can be sure that he or she has the necessary knowledge and skills to obtain the UDT licence. As part of the course you can learn:

  • handling of equipment,
  • mechanical engineering,
  • conservation,
  • health and safety rules,
  • technical specifications.


The participant can learn how to operate and maintain such equipment as ski lifts, scissor lifts and, of course, the very popular aerial work platforms. Therefore, it is worth betting on our professional UDT training and ensure yourself the highest level of professional education.


Our centre provides a comprehensive course on mobile platforms, where each participant can gain valuable theoretical knowledge and learn how to apply it in practice. After completing the course, you will be able to operate and maintain equipment such as boom lifts and modern scissor lifts. We guarantee preparation for exams and professional certificates before various commissions, including the UDT in Warsaw. We teach only the best and experienced specialists, thanks to which each participant of the classes can obtain mobile lifts without any problems. It is worth to bet today on our UDT authorization and provide yourself with excellent classes, in which the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge in this area is actually transferred.