Our company provides professional training for UDT authorisationsWe offer both theoretical and practical training. Participants can learn how to operate various devices, such as: platforms, scissor lifts and basket lifts, which are very often used in various industries. We provide the best trainers, so that each of our course for mobile lifts is a guarantee that you will pass the exam and that you will be able to obtain your dream mobile lifts licence.


Nowadays, the demand for operators of aerial work platforms and modern scissor lifts is increasing, which is why it is a good idea to prepare for this kind of work. The certificate will entitle the participant to operate and maintain machines of this type, including machines such as boom lifts.


The professional qualification guaranteed by the UDT licence is the main objective of the classes. We provide professional lessons for:

  • aerial work platform operators,
  • installers,
  • construction workers,
  • employees of advertising companies,
  • crane drivers.

Our centre is a professional classes UDT Warsaw, in which we offer a comprehensive course for mobile platforms and other training UDT. We provide lessons to prepare for the exams in front of various commissions, including UDT Warsaw, so you should bet on our knowledge and experience. Everyone can gain with us the authorization for mobile platforms and ensure an excellent career in this field. We provide a professional team of trainers and a chance to get your dream UDT licence. We encourage you to contact us.

We offer a comprehensive course for mobile liftsThe UDT certificate is a great way to improve your chances in the labour market, as nowadays many companies use equipment such as boom lifts and aerial work platforms. This is a great way to increase your chances on the job market, because nowadays many companies use such equipment as ski lifts, as well as basket lifts. It is also very popular to use scissor lifts, therefore it is worth getting the right UDT authorization in Warsaw and ensuring that you are properly prepared in terms of operating this type of equipment.