cranesMobile cranes are handling equipment (UTB) used extensively in the transport of various types of load. These cranes can operate stationary and can also be mounted on vehicles to allow loading and unloading work to be carried out at various locations.

The maintenance of mobile cranes requires a licence from the Office of Technical Inspection (UDT), which can be obtained after appropriate training and passing the UDT exam.

The courses organised by our Centre for the maintenance of mobile cranes are a combination of theory and practice and cover all the necessary topics related to the work of a maintenance technician.

Training programme - maintenance of mobile cranes:

  • basic and legal information on working with mobile cranes
  • the qualifications needed to work with this type of equipment
  • technical supervision and erection of mobile cranes, including mechanisms, drives, controls, safety devices
  • installation of cranes and measurements after installation
  • maintenance of loader cranes - mobile cranes - maintenance duties
  • the most frequent defects with docking cranes - mobile
  • information on health and safety at work and first aid in a maintenance position

Duration of classes: 38-68 teaching hours.

It is possible to adapt the thematic scope of the classes to the specific needs of the client.

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