Warehouse stacker cranesWarehouse stacker cranes are included in the category of material handling equipment, UTB for short. They are commonly used in automated warehouses and logistics centres, including for high storage. Stacker cranes support the work of warehouse managers.

To operate the stacker cranes, it is necessary to obtain a certificate of authorization to work with these devices. The certificate is issued by the UDT (Office of Technical Inspection). To obtain this certificate, it is necessary to attend a course on the stacker cranes and pass an exam before a commission from the UDT.

Classes for stacker crane operators are divided into a theoretical part and practical exercises that teach the correct handling of this type of handling equipment.

Training programme - operation of warehouse stacker cranes:

  • legal background and main information on stacker cranes and storage facilities using this type of equipment
  • required authorisations to operate this type of equipment
  • construction of the stacker cranes - mechanisms, electrical equipment and other components, including the correct labelling of the equipment
  • duties as warehouse stacker crane operator
  • frequently occurring problems at the workplace of the operator of the above mentioned equipment
  • important information on health and safety at work and first aid

Duration of classes: 20-40 teaching hours.

On request, our Centre can also expand the above-mentioned topics with the information indicated.

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