ConservatorEscalators and moving walkways are material handling equipment (UTB) operating horizontally and vertically. They make it possible to transport people as well as loads.

A conservator of stairs and escalators is a person who has obtained the relevant certificate entitling him to carry out work in this field. The certificate is awarded by the UDT - Office of Technical Inspection - after completing a maintenance course and passing an examination.

The escalator and escalator maintenance classes cover both theory and practice, giving participants the necessary preparation to take the exam and become certified as maintainers of the aforementioned equipment.

Training programme - maintenance of escalators and travelators:

  • the main legal issues relating to escalators and travelators
  • qualifications for operating escalators and travelators
  • technical supervision and types of equipment listed above
  • construction of escalators and travelators, including their structural, mechanical, electrical and safety components
  • responsibilities as stairway and escalator maintenance person
  • typical malfunctions that can occur when operating this equipment
  • Health, safety and first aid when working with stairs and escalators

Duration of classes: 48-88 teaching hours.

At our centre, it is also possible to adapt the subject matter of the classes according to the individual requirements of the client.

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