hydraulic liftHydraulic cranes, or hydraulic lifts, are classified as handling equipment (UTB). They are commonly used in the work of transporting loads and people.

A hydraulic lift maintainer is a person who carries out maintenance work on this type of equipment. In order to carry out his/her duties, he/she must have the relevant entitlements granted by the UDT - Office of Technical Inspection.

The course in hydraulic lift maintenance provides comprehensive preparation for certification, passing on theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

Training programme - maintenance of hydraulic lifts (lifts):

  • basic provisions in this area
  • types of authorisations required to operate hydraulic lifts (lifts)
  • technical specifications and types of hydraulic lifts (lifts)
  • construction of hydraulic lifts - components and assemblies of equipment components, electrical, control and other apparatus
  • tasks carried out by the hydraulic lift maintainer
  • the most frequent faults with these devices
  • safety regulations and first aid for working with hydraulic cranes (lifts)

Duration of classes: 48-88 teaching hours.

It is possible to adapt the thematic scope of the classes to the individual requirements of the client.

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