Mobile platformsMobile lifting platforms are cranes used as material handling equipment - UTBs. They are designed to carry out a wide range of works including, among others, construction, repair or assembly works. They may have an articulated boom, scissor design and may also be mounted on cars.

In order to properly operate mobile platforms, it is required to have a certificate from UDT (Office of Technical Inspection) confirming that you are qualified.

Classes for those wishing to become mobile platforms operators include a theoretical part and a practical part, which prepares you for work in this position.

Training programme - operation of mobile platforms:

  • legal basis for the operation of mobile platforms
  • the necessary authorisations to work with this equipment
  • technical supervision and design of the different types of mobile platforms for handling
  • components for the construction of various types of mobile platforms, including articulated arm, scissorlift and vehicle-mounted mobile platforms
  • duties as mobile lift operator
  • defects that can occur in the operation of mobile platforms
  • Health, safety and first aid in the above-mentioned position

Duration of classes: 48-88 teaching hours.

The client can add their own topics to the classes.

You are welcome to use educational offer w ERGON Centre for Staff Improvement!