mobile platformsThe mobile platforms are included in the group of handling equipment (UTB). These are lifting devices that allow people and loads to be lifted upwards. Platforms of this type are used in many industries, including but not limited to construction, finishing, assembly or maintenance work.

A candidate for the position of mobile platforms operator must have the relevant qualification, which is granted by the Office of Technical Inspection - UDT. These can be obtained after completing an appropriate course and passing an examination.

The courses for mobile platforms maintenance technicians are divided into theoretical and practical parts - exercises with the equipment.

Training programme - maintenance of mobile platforms:

  • general and legal provisions concerning mobile platforms
  • the necessary certificates to work with the above mentioned equipment
  • the technical inspection of mobile platforms and their types - mobile platforms, suspended platforms and mast platforms, and types of mobile platforms, including articulated arm, scissor lift and vehicle-mounted mobile platforms
  • construction of different types of mobile platforms
  • tasks of the maintenance technician for the above material handling equipment
  • frequently occurring defects in mobile platforms
  • key knowledge of health and safety at work and first aid

Duration of classes: 48-88 teaching hours.

It is possible to add your own topics to the presented teaching programme according to your individual expectations.

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