Mast platformMast - self-climbing mobile platforms are used when carrying out work at height. They are designed for indoor and outdoor work. They are classified as material handling equipment (UTB).

The operator of a mobile mast platform - self climbing must have a certificate confirming his qualifications. The certificate is granted by the Office of Technical Inspection (UDT). In order to obtain the certificate, it is necessary to attend a course for a mast platform operator - selflifting and then take and pass an UDT exam.

Our classes combine theory and practice, comprehensively preparing participants to obtain certificates for operating masted mobile platforms - selflifting.

Training programme - operation of masted mobile platforms - self-climbing:

  • basic information and legal provisions concerning self-climbing mast mobile platforms
  • authorisation to work with mast climbers - self climbing
  • technical inspection and types of self-climbing mast mobile platforms
  • construction of self-propelled mobile mast platforms - bases, chassis, drives, working platforms, electrical equipment, safety devices, markings
  • the correct operation of self-propelled mobile mast platforms - the duties of the machine operator
  • frequently occurring defects in mast climbing work platforms
  • Health, safety and first aid as self-propelled mast platform operator

Duration of classes: 10-20 teaching hours. The time includes the UDT exam.

Additional topics can be added to the above on request.

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