Suspended platformsClassified as handling equipment (UTB) hanging mobile platforms are equipment that is used during work at height, including but not limited to construction, finishing, renovation or assembly work.

The person responsible for operating suspended access platforms must have the required UDT qualifications as operator. The certificate is granted by a commission of the Office of Technical Inspection after the course and passing the exam.

Classes for operators of suspended platforms in our centre prepare you to take an exam and obtain a certificate. They convey theoretical knowledge and also include practical exercises.

Training programme - operation of suspended access platforms:

  • key data and legislation relating to suspended access platforms
  • entitlement to work with suspended access platforms
  • technical inspection and types of suspended access platforms
  • construction of suspended platforms - working platform, support structure, rope winch, electrical equipment, emergency equipment, signage
  • correct operation of suspended access platforms
  • frequently occurring defects in suspended access platforms
  • Health and safety at work and first aid when using suspended access platforms

Duration of classes: 10-35 teaching hours, including the UDT exam.

In our Centre it is possible to supplement the above topics with information indicated by the client.

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