maintenance of ski-liftsSki railways and ski lifts are a type of material handling equipment (UTB) used on ski slopes and mountainsides to move people and cargo. Railways and lifts may use gondolas, carriages or chairs.

A ski-lift maintenance worker is a person with proper preparation for carrying out works in this area. He/she must have a licence issued by UDT - Office of Technical Inspection.

Classes for ski lift and railway maintenance technicians organised by our Centre combine theory and practice, which allows for comprehensive preparation of students for obtaining the UDT certificate.

Training programme - maintenance of ski lifts and railways:

  • legal provisions concerning ski-lifts and railways
  • appropriate authorisation to work with ski-lifts and ski-lifts
  • technical inspection and types of handling equipment used on mountainsides - ski-lifts and ski-lifts
  • construction of ski rails and ski lifts, including aerial ropeways with circular traffic, chairlifts, drag lifts, platter lifts
  • responsibilities as maintenance technician of the above mentioned equipment
  • frequently occurring malfunctions of ski-lifts and railways
  • Health and safety at work and first aid for maintenance staff, as well as proper evacuation of users of ski-lifts and railways

Duration of classes: 30-60 teaching hours.

On request, it is possible to adapt the thematic scope of the classes to individual requirements.

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