liftVehicle lifts are material handling equipment (UTB), which are primarily used in workshops. They are designed for lifting cars, motorbikes and other vehicles.

To operate and maintain these types of cranes, it is necessary to be properly prepared - by completing an appropriate course and obtaining a licence from the UDT (Office of Technical Inspection).

Courses organised by our Centre for the operator and maintenance of cranes, the so-called vehicle lifts, provide broad theoretical knowledge and practical exercises for people applying for work in these positions.

Training programme - operation/maintenance of jacks, so-called vehicle lifts:

  • legislation and basic knowledge relating to vehicle lifts
  • qualifications required to operate and maintain hoists - vehicle lifts
  • technical supervision and types of lifts
  • construction of hoists - vehicle lifts with hydraulic, pneumatic, hydraulic-pneumatic and electric drives
  • responsibilities as a crane operator - vehicle lifts
  • responsibilities as maintenance technician for cranes - vehicle lifts
  • frequently occurring defects of vehicle lifts
  • Health, safety and first aid when working with vehicle lifts

Duration of classes: 10-15 teaching hours for operation and 38-68 teaching hours for maintenance. Class time includes the UDT exam.

We can supplement the above topics with other information on request.

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