ConservatorElectric cranes are included in the category of handling equipment (UTB). They are used for transporting people and loads. Electric cranes are subdivided into passenger cranes, freight cranes, passenger-freight cranes and hospital cranes.

An electric lift maintainer must have the necessary qualifications to carry out maintenance work on this type of equipment. The relevant certificate is awarded after completing a course and passing the UDT (Office of Technical Inspection) exam.

Classes for maintenance technicians of electric lifts - passenger, goods, passenger and hospital lifts - include theory and practical exercises on the maintenance of these machines.

Training programme - maintenance of electric lifts:

  • law relating to electric lifts
  • the necessary authorisations to maintain electric lifts
  • technical data and categorisation of electric lifts
  • information on the construction of electric passenger, goods passenger, and hospital lifts, including electrical, electromechanical and electronic components
  • duties as maintenance operator of the abovementioned materials handling equipment
  • common failures involving electric lifts
  • safety regulations and first aid for maintenance of equipment

Duration of classes: 48-88 teaching hours.

The client has the possibility to change the theme of the class according to individual requirements.

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