ConservatorLoading platforms, also known as loading platforms, are material handling equipment (UTB) that can be used to transport cargo and people. These platforms are used at delivery trucks, warehouses, logistics centres, among others.

A loading platform operator must have the relevant UDT certificate - issued by the Office of Technical Inspection. The certificate can be obtained after passing the course and passing the exam before the UDT commission.

Courses for maintainers of loading platforms, including those for passenger transport, incorporate theoretical lessons and practical exercises to comprehensively prepare participants for certification as a maintainer.

Training programme - maintenance of loading platforms, including those used for passenger transport:

  • the legal basis for loading platforms, including those used for the transport of persons
  • the required authorisations to operate the above-mentioned handling equipment
  • technical supervision and types of loading platforms
  • construction of loading platforms, including a breakdown into mechanical and electrical components
  • duties as maintenance man of loading platforms, also used for passenger transport
  • defects occurring during the operation of loading platforms
  • Health, safety and first aid rules for the position of maintenance operator of loading platforms

Duration of classes: 48-88 teaching hours.

It is possible to adapt the subject matter of the above course to the individual needs of the client.

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