cartsPowered stacker trucks, or forklift trucks or forklifts, are power-driven machines intended for the transport of goods with a load of up to several tens of tonnes. They are suitable for handling goods placed on pallets. They are commonly used as material handling equipment (UTB) in warehouses, logistics centres, shops, production plants.

The operator and the maintenance technician of the forklift truck should have an appropriate certificate which is a certificate of qualification to operate the forklift truck. This certificate is issued after the completion of a course and passing an exam before a commission of the UDT - Office of Technical Inspection.

The course on forklift trucks organised by our Centre covers comprehensive theoretical knowledge and also teaches practice in operation and maintenance of this type of equipment. Thanks to this, it professionally prepares participants for work as forklift operators and maintainers.

Training programme - operation and maintenance of lift trucks:

  • general information and legislation relating to mechanically-powered lift trucks
  • lift truck operator's licence
  • technical inspection and types of lift truck
  • construction of lift trucks equipped with a mechanical lifting drive
  • proper maintenance of lift trucks, including maintenance inspections, periodic servicing - maintenance duties
  • correct operation of lift trucks - operator duties
  • frequently occurring faults when working with forklift trucks
  • Health and safety at work and first aid in the positions of maintenance operator and forklift truck operator

Duration of classes: 10-20 teaching hours per operator position and 38-68 hours per maintenance position. The UDT exam is included in the time.

Upon request, our Centre can add other topics to the above mentioned topics.

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