WinchesGeneral and special-purpose hoists and winches are material handling equipment (UTB) used during goods handling operations. Hoists and winches are divided into general-purpose equipment for transporting most goods, and special-purpose equipment that is dedicated to specific types of load.

Hoists and hoists for general or special purposes may only be operated by an employee who holds a UDT certificate. They are granted after completing a course and passing an examination before a UDT commission.

Our classes for general or special-purpose hoist and hoist operators are divided into theoretical and practical classes, which comprehensively prepare participants for work in this position.

Training programme - operation of general or special purpose hoists and winches:

  • general information and legislation relating to general and special-purpose winches and hoists
  • the qualifications required to operate the equipment
  • technical inspection of general and special-purpose hoists and winches and subdivision of these devices
  • construction of general and special-purpose hoists and winches - drives, mechanisms, safety devices, handling equipment - slings
  • correct operation of hoists and winches - responsibilities as an operator
  • the most frequent equipment failures
  • Health, safety and first aid when working with hoists and winches

Duration of classes: 10-20 teaching hours. The class time includes the UDT exam.

On request, we can expand the topics of the classes with information indicated by the client.

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