CraneŻurawie wieżowe oraz żurawie szybkomontujące to urządzenia stosowane do transportu bliskiego (UTB) wykorzystywane w szczególności na placach budów. Do tego typu urządzeń zalicza się także żurawie szynowe – portowe, które wyposażone są w podwozia szynowe.

In order to work as an operator of tower and high-speed cranes, including rail-mounted cranes, an employee must obtain a certificate from the UDT - Office of Technical Inspection. This certificate can be obtained after completing a training course and passing an exam before a UDT commission.

At our centre we organise classes for operators of tower and high-speed cranes, including rail mounted cranes. The classes include a theoretical part and also a practical one, teaching the correct and safe operation of the above-mentioned equipment.

Training programme - operation of tower and high-speed cranes, including rail mounted cranes:

  • Legal basis and general information on tower, high-speed cranes
  • the qualifications needed by workers to work with this type of equipment
  • information on technical supervision of cranes and types of cranes
  • construction of tower and high-speed cranes, including monorail cranes - types of superstructures, mechanisms, attachments - slings and other types of equipment
  • principles for the correct operation of cranes - responsibilities of the tower crane operator, high-speed crane, tower crane
  • faults that may occur during the work of the tower and high-speed crane operator, including on rails
  • the principles of safety at work and first aid as an operator of the above mentioned equipment

Duration of classes: 20-40 teaching hours.

If necessary, further topics can be added to the training on request.

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