Crane slingsCranes, which include cranes, hoists, winches and cranes, are material handling equipment (UTB), which enable various loads to be carried by means of slings. Choosing the right type of sling allows specific goods to be transported efficiently and safely.

A crane sling operator, or hook driver, must have an appropriate UDT licence, which is granted by the Office of Technical Inspection. They can be obtained after completing an appropriate course and passing an exam before a UDT commission.

Classes in our Centre addressed to persons wishing to work as crane sling operators are a comprehensive range of information - theory and practice in one, allowing for optimal preparation of our students for the examination and obtaining of the Technical Supervision Office certificate.

Training programme - handling of crane slings:

  • basic information, including legislation on cranes and crane slings
  • information on the certificates required to operate this equipment
  • technical data, including supervision, and construction of cranes and lifting slings - chain slings, steel wire rope slings, synthetic fibre slings, special-purpose slings
  • correct handling of crane slings - duties of the hook operator, including correct signalling and control of slings
  • the most common problems in the operation of crane slings
  • Health, safety and first aid at the workplace

Duration of classes: 7-15 teaching hours.

 We can tailor the range of classes to individual client requirements.

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