lifts for the disabledDisabled facilities are special lifts with hydraulic or electric drive that assist the movement of people using wheelchairs. They remove architectural barriers for the disabled. These devices are part of handling equipment (UTB).
A maintenance person is a person who carries out maintenance on equipment for the disabled. The person responsible for maintenance must be authorised by the UDT - Office of Technical Inspection.

The Disabled Facilities Maintenance course covers theoretical knowledge and practical exercises required to sit the exam and obtain a certificate of competence.

Training programme - maintenance of equipment for disabled people:

  • provisions concerning transport facilities for the disabled
  • certification needed to operate equipment for disabled persons
  • technical data and types of equipment used for the transportation of disabled persons
  • construction of transport facilities for people with disabilities
  • tasks carried out by the maintainer of equipment for disabled persons
  • typical defects of equipment for disabled persons
  • safety regulations and first aid rules when working with equipment for the transport of disabled people

Duration of classes: 48-88 teaching hours.

It is possible to change the thematic scope of the classes upon request.

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