Operating an overhead crane - operator's duties before taking up work

The best way to reduce the risk of accidents when working with an overhead crane is to comply with health and safety regulations. The duties of an operator may only be carried out by a person who holds a UDT certificate. Overhead crane authorisations can be obtained after taking the UDT training course and passing the UDT examination.

It is only possible to use a crane with a valid UDT decision for operation
the operator must follow the operating instructions for the machine and the occupational health and safety instructions
in the event of damage to the crane or its components, immobilise the equipment immediately and inform the superior

The crane operator is required to carry out appropriate checks before starting work.

Daily duties of an overhead crane operator before starting work:

  1. reading the entries in the machine's operating manual
  2. inspect the surroundings of the crane - there must be no loads or people in the vicinity that could endanger work safety
  3. checking the loads to be transported and their weights
  4. agreeing signs and signals with the hook signaller
  5. designation of space for the safe storage of cargo
  6. Daily Maintenance (OTC) - visual check of the device's efficiency and safety mechanisms, test run of the device
  7. making an appropriate entry in the logbook

Once this has been done, the machine is ready for operation. From this moment on the operator takes responsibility for its operation. During work the operator is obliged to follow the safety rules and the conditions in force in the workplace.

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