Crane operating authorisations - categories II S and I S

To become an overhead crane operator, or crane driver, you need crane courseThe certificate shall be issued to the holder of the certificate, who shall provide information on the operation of the equipment. The authorization for overhead travelling cranes is obtained after passing an examination before a commission of the Office of Technical Inspection.

The Office of Technical Inspection has divided the authorisations into two categories. Category I S is the highest and also includes authorisations that can be obtained in category II S. Persons with UDT authorisations for overhead travelling cranes can also operate hoists, winches, stationary workshop cranes.

UDT authorisation categories for cranes:

  • II S - overhead travelling cranes, hoists and winches operated from the working level and mobile workshop cranes
  • I S - overhead travelling cranes, hoists and winches operated from the working level or from a cabin, and mobile workshop cranes

Authorisations granted by the UDT are valid for:

  • General-purpose cranes, hoists and winches 10 years
  • General and special-purpose cranes, hoists and winches 5 years

These powers apply not only in Poland, but also in other countries.

The use of cranes without proper authorization is prohibited and may result in accidents that endanger the health and life of the operator and bystanders.

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Legal basis:

  • Act of 21 December 2000 on technical supervision (Journal of Laws No. 122, item 1321, as amended) as amended.
  • Ordinance of the Minister of Entrepreneurship and Technology of 30 October 2018 on the technical conditions of technical supervision in the operation, repair and modernisation of materials handling equipment (Journal of Laws 2018 item 2176).
  • Regulation of the Council of Ministers of 7 December 2012 on types of technical devices subject to technical supervision (Journal of Laws 2012 No. 0 item 1468), issued on the basis of Article 5(2) of the Act on Technical Supervision.


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