In ERGON Centre of Staff Development you can have a professional HDS course, which aims to obtain a HDS licence - hydraulic truck crane. We provide full support based on our many years of experience. We conduct open and closed courses in Warsaw and in the whole of Poland. Thanks to us you can obtain a license for HDS quickly and at affordable prices. Our courses are always supervised by experienced instructors who make our HDS courses highly effective. Thanks to them you can easily obtain a HDS license by passing the exam at the Office of Technical Inspection.

Hydraulic truck crane

HDS, or hydraulic truck crane, is a type of crane that is mounted on trucks. The main purpose of using this type of crane is to carry out independent loading and unloading, without the use of additional equipment. The cranes are capable of lifting weights of several tonnes. Often, the operation of a hydraulic truck crane is also referred to as operating a mobile or handling crane. In order to operate a device of this type, an HDS course is required. Then, before starting work on the job HDS operator The entitlement to work must be awarded by a commission from the Office of Technical Inspection. To this end, the trainee takes a state examination.

Each HDS training in our Centre includes a range of theoretical information on crane servicing and maintenance, as well as the principles of Health and Safety at Work. Topics include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • technical supervision
  • basic information operation of the device
  • construction of the equipment and subdivision of the different types of cranes
  • responsibilities of the equipment operator
  • Health and safety of the crane operator
  • practical classes on cranes

Trainees are provided with the necessary learning materials, including issues that appear during the examination by the Technical Inspection Commission. Our main goal is effective training, therefore we use special syllabuses. Thanks to them, most of our trainees pass the exam already on the first try and obtain the necessary licences. The licence granted by UDT in category II Ż is a licence valid indefinitely.

The following conditions must be met in order to receive training:

  • at least 18 years old
  • at least a basic education
  • medical certificate with no contraindications to work as a hydraulic truck crane operator

How much does a training in our centre cost? As far as the HDS course is concerned price The price depends primarily on the number of course participants. In case of a larger number of participants we are able to provide you with very attractive prices, much lower than our competitors. However, when it comes to the examination, the price is set by the Office of Technical Inspection.

At our centre we have been training mobile crane operators for years. We have experienced staff of instructors, necessary facilities to comfortably learn and gain practice. We are able to carry out trainings outside of our seat in Warsaw - we travel all over the country. In case of closed trainings we adjust thematic range of classes individually to clients needs. Everyone who wants to obtain HDS licence should be satisfied with the price of our course.

ERGON Centre for Staff Improvement - HDS course Warsaw (and all Poland) - we invite you to choose our offer!