fire extinguisher on the wallPPE is an abbreviation that stands for fire regulations. It is often pronounced ''pepoż''. According to the Polish Language Dictionary PWN, it should contain a full stop at the end, i.e. ''ppoż.'', and the name itself, if it does not occur at the beginning of a sentence, should be written in lower case.

The necessary provisions on fire protection are regulated in Polish law by the Act of 24 August 1991 on fire protection. Additional and detailed information can also be found in the executive acts to this Act, i.e. regulations of the Ministers of Internal Affairs and Administration, Economy, Transport, Environment, Agriculture and Rural Development, and Water Management.

A fundamental issue in the workplace is safety. It is the responsibility of the owners and managers of buildings and the individuals, legal entities and institutions using them to provide us with this. With proper adherence to technical, construction, technological and installation rules, as well as applicable preventive rules (regulations), we are able to significantly reduce the risk of fire.

Also the employer, according to the law of 24 August 1991, has obligations regarding fire protection. These are also included in the Labour Code.


  • It should provide the necessary means for first aid as well as fire fighting and evacuation
  • Designate employee(s) responsible for fire fighting, evacuation and first aid tasks

It is important that those responsible for fire protection tasks and management staff are well trained and know how to act at the time of an emergency. Therefore, specialised fire safety courses can be very important.

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Fire and safety training

The fire safety training course provides participants with knowledge on what to do in the event of a fire, what to do before leaving the premises, how to carry out an evacuation or provide first aid.

Our Personnel Improvement Centre (ERGON) provides fire safety training at a very high level. We have experienced and well-trained instructors. They are always at your disposal so that they can provide every customer with the right preparation. In addition, we have modern facilities and an extensive curriculum.

Our fire safety training courses offer a wide range of courses for both new recruits and employees with longer experience. These include both practical and theoretical courses.

Fire safety training in ERGON


Initial trainingPeriodic training
To whom targeted:To newly recruited employees. The obligation to carry it out is up to 6 months after employment.To those working in the company for a longer period.
Course objective:To learn about the necessary regulations and responsibilities present in the job that are related to fire safety.Update and add to the knowledge gained so far.
  • Fire hazard at the workplace
  • Information on where fire-fighting equipment is located and familiarisation with the workplace fire manual
  • Principles of signage and evacuation guidance
  • Emergency procedures
  • Handling of fire extinguishers
  • First aid premedical

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Class topics are tailored individually for you, depending on your needs.

Sincerely welcome to contact us and we will then provide you with all the information you need. We guarantee moderate prices, which we set individually with our clients. We have discounts for large and organised groups. Our centre provides both open and closed training courses. The head office of our company is in Warsaw. However, we also operate in several other cities, such as Krakow, Katowice and Bielsko-Biala. In the situation of a closed course, we will travel to practically any place.

We also encourage you to take a look at the wide range of courses on offer ERGON Centre for Staff Improvement. Among other things, we offer initial and periodic training in occupational health and safety, courses for aerial lift operators, first aid and mobile platforms training, and much more.