collage of OSH-related toolsERGON now offers a comprehensive health and safety education offer with the possibility to tailor training to the specific needs of your company! Our ranks include only the best specialists with the relevant certifications and many years of experience. We know how important safety is during all employee activities at workplaces, so we invite you to take advantage of our training offer. Check our offer and develop your company. We organise both initial training and mandatory periodic training.

Particularly hazardous work

The work in question is work where the risk to health and life is greater. When organising and carrying out such work, particular attention must be paid to the precautions laid down e in § 81 of the aforementioned Ordinance.

What should be taken care of during such work?

  • it is necessary to supervise the work, for which authorised persons are designated
  • measures to protect the workplace and workers are mandatory
  • instruction of employees is necessary

Does everyone need to receive health and safety training?

In order to ensure your own safety and the safety of others, you need to have adequate knowledge of what protective measures are in place and how to recognise hazards. Therefore, every employee should undergo such training. It is important to have up-to-date knowledge of health and safety, so - it is worthwhile for training to take place both when employees start work and to be repeated from time to time. In addition, it is important to mention that if an employee is found in a designated workplace without valid OSH training, the employer faces a fine, . Taking a health and safety course is about ensuring proper safety for yourself and others.

Health and safety training

Who is the training for?

We provide training for individuals, but also for companies!

Every company that exists in Poland has to organise health and safety training for its employees, as a result of legislation, but also common sense. With health and safety training, protection and safety is ensured, first of all for employees, but also for property. Therefore, if you are a start-up or opening your own business - do not forget to train your employees. By protecting yourself, you also protect others, and this is the motto of our training.

What types of training are there?

We provide initial training, but also periodic training.

  • Introductory courses are training courses that are attended before starting work. During this type of training, the new employee is prepared for his or her job, i.e. to perform his or her duties while respecting health and safety rules.
  • Periodic courses are training courses that consist of supplementing and updating knowledge in occupational health and safety; this is particularly important when there are organisational or technological changes in the company.

How long is the training valid?

Initial - usually valid for a whole year, in some cases periodic training must be repeated after just 6 months

Periodic - are valid depending on the job and position

At ERGON we also run online classes!

We know that the standard option is not always possible. That's why, in order to make it easier for our clients to access knowledge, we also provide online classes that are just as effective as onsite classes.

How do we teach?

We strive to make the way our instructors impart knowledge accessible. We take care of the high content quality of the classes. Considering the importance of the topic, which is safety, we conduct classes with the aim of activating the students. We believe that active learning allows for better results. Our course has been created in accordance with the legal basis.

employees wearing helmets

What is our objective?

We focus on the quality of our training and the satisfaction of our trainees. We are committed to an individual approach and the involvement of the student. Our teaching methods have proven themselves over the years, and we are constantly improving them with the aim of broadening the spectrum of knowledge and skills of our trainees. Effective learning is learning that engages - so consolidating knowledge and passing it on is our aim. We want our trainees to feel safe while working, to trust themselves and others and to be able to prevent dangerous situations. We have developed our own programme, which allows us to achieve rapid learning outcomes. We transfer knowledge efficiently and professionally.

What will you learn on our course?

You will learn:

  • How to create safe working conditions
  • How to assess hazard and risk
  • How to protect yourself and others
  • How to react in dangerous situations
  • How to perform first aid

A few words about the exam:

Every course, ends with an examination. The examination will test your knowledge and skills in accordance with health and safety regulations. The examination consists of a theoretical and practical part and can be taken either orally or in writing.

Where do we hold classes?

Our head office is in Warsaw, but we have centres in many other cities in Poland. In addition, we also have online courses. And if you are our special customer - we will also come to you!

Call usto find out more about our health and safety training offer and to arrange a specific date to organise your training. We will adapt to your needs!

Course name:Health and safety training
 Examination;The examination consists of a theoretical and a practical part and can be taken either orally or in writing.
 Price list:You can count on an individual quote, don't hesitate - contact us!