several types of fire extinguishers with description in different places (hospital, cafe, school)These are specialized trainings intended for a group of recipients - people who professionally plan to take care of the maintenance and inspection of fire extinguishers. Are you considering working with firefighting equipment? As a maintenance technician for firefighting equipment, you can:

  • perform periodic inspections of firefighting equipment,
  • perform maintenance on handheld firefighting equipment.


What knowledge will you gain after the training?

  • smiling firefighting equipment maintenance man replacing the extinguisheryou will learn about the construction of fire extinguishers and their types,
  • you will be able to assess and classify appropriate groups of fires and select the types and amounts of handheld firefighting equipment,
  • you will learn what is the difference between the inspection, maintenance and repair of handheld firefighting equipment,
  • you will learn to properly inspect, maintain and repair fire extinguishers,
  • you will know which fire extinguishers should be withdrawn from use,
  • you will learn typical mistakes in the maintenance of fire extinguishers,
  • you will practice in practice how to inspect, repair and maintain handheld firefighting equipment,
  • you will learn what should be on the conservator's control and where to stick it, and where you absolutely cannot do it,
  • you will acquire theoretical and practical knowledge, thanks to which you will independently and confidently carry out inspections, maintenance and repairs of handheld firefighting equipment.

photo gallery of training for a conservator of handheld firefighting equipment

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