On the service of the soldering iron in the creation of artistic hand-made jewellery

Woman with a soldering ironThe stereotypical thinking of a soldering iron as an exclusive tool, meant only for the evolutionary gender for technical tasks, should have been dispelled long ago. Let's finally confront the reality: we women are also: accurate, resourceful, efficient, and therefore, with a little motivation and proper instruction, we can operate a soldering iron. Let our motivation be jewellery making, and the basics related to the soldering process, you will find, ladies, in this article.

How can a soldering iron help you make a jewellery project?

The fanciful shapes of metal ornaments and accessories are due, among other things, to soldering. Thus, the soldering technique can be used for jewellery designs, in particular for:

  • metal combinations in ornaments,
  • making a simple bracelet or ring,
  • attaching pins to clips and earrings,
  • fitting special strips - so-called angle brackets - to plates and sheets,
  • many other things, we are limited only by our imagination and reason.

Joining specific materials with solders will not only help us to realise a new jewellery design, but also to repair a specific piece of jewellery, such as a broken connection in a necklace.

Metal wire wrapping jewellery"

Soldering irons do not bite

A soldering iron is a device used for soldering, i.e. the permanent joining of metal components. It can also be used at home. However, like every piece of equipment, a soldering iron has instructions and operating rules which should be studied. It is absolutely necessary to remember that it emits heat, even up to several hundred degrees Celsius, and its activation requires the involvement of a power source. Improper use of the soldering iron tip can jeopardize the safety of the work area environment. During the soldering process, irritating dusts and fumes can be generated. In view of this, safety is ensured by observing the conditions for intended use and using appropriate protective equipment.

What is this soldering about

Joining metal parts using solder takes place, most often, at a temperature higher than the melting point of the solder and at the same time lower than the melting point of the metals being joined. It is due to such thermal conditions that the solder becomes liquid and the other materials remain solid. It is important to know about the soldering process that the degreesSoldering accessoriesThe solid solder joint penetrates the porous structure of the metal parts and fills the space between them. Once all the materials in the place of the soldered joint have coagulated and cooled down, the joint is ready. It is also worth remembering that sometimes it is necessary to clean the metal surfaces to be joined before soldering. To do this, you can use a specialised cleaning paste or smooth the material structures with a file, and then remove any metallic filings.

Must-have and must-do for home soldering

Once you have made a choice related to the purchase of a soldering iron (a specific type, brand, model) and solder (e.g. silver soldering paste for jewellery), you can think about other things, maybe not so obvious, but also very important.

It will be helpful:

  • a fire extinguisher (just in case),
  • fireproof covers or other surfaces to protect the working space,
  • dedicated safety glasses,
  • natural fibre work apron,
  • a large piece of ceramic or charcoal block, may also be a brick from the kiln,
  • torch,
  • cup, with water for cooling,
  • tweezers,
  • cleaning paste for the appropriate type of metal or a file,

Remember to check the ventilation of the room just before starting work. And Fellow Woman: at the workstation, tie up your hair, remember!

Implement your ideas and learn

If you broaden your technical knowledge in its theoretical and practical aspects, you will quickly notice that the possibilities of realising your jewellery projects will also be wider.

Don't be afraid to read technical texts in which the author uses the masculine form of verbs in phrases addressed directly to the recipient. If your husband, son or brother laughs at you, concentrate on your task and carry it out, step by step. If, however, in a moment of generosity, the mocker decides to share his experience with you, accept any sensible and useful advice. Who knows, maybe one day he will ask you something too?