Surely everyone has seen a construction site at some point. On it, there is a lot of specialised equipment such as cranes. They are used to transport the heaviest materials vertically. Cranes are machines that are used under specific conditions and with enormous loads. In such work, equipment breakdowns or failures are inevitable. If these occur, it is necessary to use the services of a company that maintains and repairs cranes.

repair of cranes

Mobile service

The size of the cranes makes it impossible to transport them on a trailer to the service centre. The best service technicians have an extensive repair service offering to travel to the customer. Once a breakdown has been reported, specialist mechanics arrive at the site at the agreed time. They have the equipment with them to repair the machine. Regardless of the type of fault, you can count on the problem being diagnosed and rectified.

Repairing a crane is not worth delaying. Downtime due to machine failure can be costly for the general contractor. To prevent this from happening, it is worth choosing services offered by professional service technicians.

Service and maintenance work

Repair and maintenance of cranes should be carried out by people who are qualified to do so. We must always inform the operators of the machine and appoint a person in charge of the work before we begin.

What not to do in case of crane breakdowns

It is forbidden to carry out any service or maintenance work when we have a suspended load. We must remember to switch off the engine and all components where maintenance work will take place. These components must be at a standstill. This rule can only be disregarded for service and maintenance work that cannot be carried out without the diesel engine running.

It is not permitted to climb on machine parts. Cranes and cranes are equipped with special handholds that allow the use of fall protection during service work at heights.

What needs to be done before we start maintenance work

maintenance of cranesWhen carrying out service and maintenance work on the electrical system, it is necessary to remove the ignition key and disconnect the battery.

The possibility of unauthorised people starting up the crane should be safeguarded. Warning signs can also be erected and, if necessary, the yard where the work will be carried out fenced off.

If it becomes necessary to dismantle safety devices during repairs or maintenance, they must be reinstalled immediately after completion of the work and checked for correct operation.

When carrying out service or maintenance work, ensure safe and environmentally sound disposal of working and auxiliary materials.

Welding and grinding work

We will only carry out welding, grinding or gas-cutting work within the crane when the working conditions and the site will allow it to be carried out safely. It is not permitted to carry out this type of work before contacting the customer service department of the service provider we have selected. Failure to carry out welding work correctly can result in serious consequences and exposure to danger. Difficult and often very expensive repairs may be required.

When to perform inspections and periodic surveys of cranes?

Crane inspections must be carried out regularly and be properly documented. Cranes are handling equipment, which means that they need to be inspected every 30 days. Periodic inspections of cranes are carried out once a year.

Service staff experience

Material handling equipment, such as cranes, is subject to inspection by the Office of Technical Inspection. To repair or maintain them, we should choose professional and certified services. Before leaving a machine for repair at a particular service centre, it is good to find out about its qualifications and to check whether it has the necessary experience to carry out repairs. The guarantee of original spare parts is important. This is important for the correct and safe functioning of the repaired equipment.