Nowadays it is a very developed and profitable market belonging to new technologies. Having renewable ( pot. green) energy in your home is a huge advantage. Especially in view of rising prices and increases. Not only will such an investment pay for itself quickly, it will also save you a lot of money. Add to this the fact that it is subsidised under the Clean Air Programme. In this connection, a veritable earthquake can be observed on the labour market. New positions and completely new specialisations have emerged. It therefore pays to know what skills and aptitudes you need to get started.

Quality control of purchased equipment

System principle.

The basic idea in photovoltaics is to adapt a house, public building, business or residential building to absorb solar energy (using special panels) and turn it into electricity without cost, so the sun's rays provide us with electricity, contributing to looking after our planet.

What responsibilities does the fitter have?

Let's start with the fact that a photovoltaic fitter is a fairly new profession on the Polish market. The main duties include the correct installation of the photovoltaic structure with brackets and connecting it to the inverter and connecting it to the home installation. In addition, there will be electrical tasks. Such as the installation of wires, modules, electrical measurements or the safe routing of cables. Other activities will be the configuration of current inverters, checking the entire installation and evaluating it, servicing (in case of problems) and periodic maintenance of the grid.

Traits of a good professional.

The prospective fitter should be independent and have interpersonal skills. It will be useful to have a driving licence and your own car, so you can get to customers more easily. A wide range of knowledge will be useful in this profession, which will help you give answers to people who want to buy equipment. The longer you are in business the more assignments you will get. With a large number of projects to complete, it will be important to organise your working hours well. It is worth being punctual and maintaining good relationships with people.

An assembler's education is not relevant, which does not change the fact that the following qualifications are needed for this job:

  • UDT (Office of Technical Inspection) certificate valid for 5 years
  • SEP category E and D authorising contact with current
  • knowledge of electrical installations
  • accredited course and passed state examination
  • knowledge:
  • roofing (so as not to damage the roof)
  • general construction
  • Technical

How much is the salary?

It is difficult to give an exact rate. It will depend on many different factors such as:

  • the province in which the duties are performed
  • possible bonuses
  • type of order and installation capacity in kWp
  • skills
  • knowledge base
  • experience

Installation of solar panels at your home

Another issue is the method of employment. If you run your own business, your income will be the highest, even up to PLN 10 000 gross in the peak season. When working on a contract of employment or commission, we can count on a salary of approximately PLN 4 000 gross. It should be taken into account that work in this industry is seasonal. This means that it is suspended in winter. Another disadvantage is the weather conditions, which postpone the installation. With a full-time job, you don't have to look for clients. You have a permanent job for a period of time. With a company, on the other hand, you have to take care of everything yourself or together with your employees, but in return you get better returns from your contractors.

How much do fitters need on the labour market ? Is it worth it ?

Photovoltaics are gaining in popularity and public awareness. The European Union subsidises projects to support the energy economy. This can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and create a competitive, integrated system. A lot of companies and households are being persuaded to invest in this field. With the right qualifications, you have the opportunity to work abroad, for example in the Netherlands, Germany and France, where the earnings will be several times higher. So if you are interested in exploring new technologies, building environmental awareness then it is worth getting into this business.

What should be taken into account when choosing a fitter?

  • Read reviews among customers
  • Verify the company in the KRS and CEIDG
  • Find out if the person has the required qualifications and check them
  • Ask about experience and completed installations
  • Conclude a service contract, with technical support for module performance, maintenance and the entire installation

How to choose a trusted photovoltaic company?

Before deciding to buy panels, it is worth making sure that our roof is suitable for it. Knowing what our roof's capabilities are, we can move on to finding the right company to carry out our order. Before doing so, however, it is worth examining the various points:

  • Have we been informed of the current rules for receiving grants ?
  • What components does the manufacturer whose panels we are going to use use use and does it have branches in Poland, so that in the event of a problem it can easily go through the complaints process?
  • Is the contractor certified as a RES installer by the Office of Technical Inspection ?
  • How detailed was the roof checked and the analysis of the accounts to date?
  • Did the consultant ask about plans to purchase new equipment that will increase electricity demand ?

It is worth consulting people who have been using such an installation for at least a few years. Such people can give us relevant information:

  • Was the calculation correct?
  • what was the quality of the installation and service?
  • Was the installation really as efficient as the seller stated?
  • timeliness of the company carrying out the project ?

It is good to know the opinions of both companies and individual customers. Everyone has different needs, so a reliable installer is able to cope with any task and give suitable solutions. A directory of photovoltaic companies proves useful, where you can easily find professionals by location or name. The key details of the companies in the same location are described there. This saves time.

Why is a good choice of PV so important?

Because a bad installation is very likely to have serious consequences in terms of electrocution or even fire. More common, however, are situations related to the lack of acceptance of the installation when the person did not have sufficient authorisation. It is important to remember that only a compliant installation ensures trouble-free operation of the panels.